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I think just about everyone has some history which inhibits their present life to some extent; we all have baggage. this is what is am trying to bring across with iboga; there has been more attention to iboga recently but still people mainly associate it with addiction to drugs; my point is that everyone can benefit. They need not even have to go through the whole mission of orgasing a large dose; I have found low doses of iboga are in most cases enough to work with.

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Your post could not be more accurate. I think that I identified so much because the example you used is precisely what happened to me. A teacher called me stupid and because I was taught to respect and trust ALL my elders especially ones with authority I believed it...hence my low self esteem. I've been sexually abused, don't ask me why, but it doesn't bother me. I was around 7 years old and I know that I didn't do anything wrong. I'm not ashamed of it and I accept it and I moved on. My point being is that we all deal with trauma differently...just like you said.

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There is no one single answer; different people handle trauma differently. I dont know one person who has not been effected by trauma in their life. Its how we deal with it that determines the long term outcome. It need not be drugs; it can be anything which provides an escape from the negative self image or emotion.

For one arb example it could be that a childs favorite teacher called them an idiot; they think: "well its my teacher so it must be true"; and so they start to make negative associations; this can lead to a point where they no longer know where it began but they have low self esteem as an adult.

This is very basic but it shows how a tiny event can have a huge negative impact if its not dealt with appropriately. 

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I think there is also a deeper issue that should be looked at in the use of drugs and in a person becoming self destructive.   

What experiences and emotional states bring a person to the point where they are willing to ruin their lives with those drugs.  What in society and the world brings some of us to this place.   The drugs IMO are symptoms of a deeper illness, and until society and the individual are ready to look at those problems that are harder to solve but, in solving them we will find real solutions, we will continue to have a self destructive component to this reality.   

When a person feels alone, exploited, abused and less than human.. when a person believes their isn't much to live for and has left behind the passion for experience that they were born with due to this social illness of exploitation and self denial.. we come to a point where a comfortable death looks like the only way out.  We all play a part in creating this and I don't think we like looking at it, so we find "easy" solutions, symptom reduction methods that just add to our problems.

Resolving this issue is quite the riddle for my head, we are so used to using more power to overcome the previously corrupt power, and I think to stop this cycle it's time we looked through the eyes of love, no longer trying to beat our problems back "into line" but to nurture them into a healthy state.  I just have a hard time seeing all the different personalities of this planet letting something like that happen.  We are so used to using coercion and fear to make people ACT like we want them to in a "perfect" world, but that whole venture comes from a place of insincerity, it's never changed how we really feel about one another, just in the way we ACT like we feel about one another.. it's a shitty professional way of living life. 

errr, did that make sense, I've got so many perspectives going through my head right now I'm not sure my message was articulated?


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