[Ibogaine] cops and wiping out the planet with drug war chems

Jim Hadey jimhadey3 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 28 11:46:02 EST 2009

Hi All,
They had Sheriff Joe on 60 min or Dateline or whatever. He had a hard time
trying to hid the smerk on his face.  He has people living in the tents in the
hot sun.  He smiles when he says it cost more to feed the police dogs than
the human prisoners.  He says if  the tents are good enough for the U.S.
Army soldiers to use it is good enough for prisoners.  Never mind the innocent
until proven guilty thing.  It is damn hot in the tents in the sun.  Think if you 
got caught with a warrent for not paying a ticket due to the economic situation
and they put you through that - is that America?  And he is proud to display
a VACENCY sign.  He loves his job. He is Master of the county.  He is as
sick as they come.  I would love to see him caught with his hands in the
cookie jar and be held without bail.  People will often plead guilty just to
get out of the tents and into a prison.  Even if they let you take a shower
with new clothes every day.  An hour after a shower and change of clothes
you would be soaking wet.  Joe enjoyes his job, he would do it for free.  To
make matters worse some guy in Alabama or Georgia or some place is
trying to copy him and makes all the male county prisoners wear pink 
underware and it painted like a day care center for babies.  These guys took
pride in coming to a "regular" law-abiding citizen and arresting them for an
overdue library book.  Yea, handcuffs, mug shots, jail cells the whole nine yards.
This is sick.  They could of called on the phone and if there was no response
they could of sent a cop over and tell them to pay for the book or return it within
30 days and thus save everyone a hassle and save the taxpayers money.  But
I guess that is not all that much fun.  Remember Rodney King, he did not through
one punch, not one.
I believe they mean Hootersville it is where the Mr. and Mrs Dougless
of Green Acres fame live.  It is just a hoot and holler from Bugtussel where
the Beverly Hillbillies and my girlfriend Ellie May lived (Oh did I love her).
About the jumped and shot in the ass that was a joke.  I said that once in 
a house while sitting around the table and a guy said "Yea, is that right
what corner, are they still there??  And we all had a good laugh.  
Best to all,
  - JIM

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Hi Randy

Sheriff Joe is the guy in Arizona that you are thinking of.  As for Hooverville I didn't know what that was a reference too either so if that makes you dumb then you can call me dumb also.  My guess is that there must have been some sort of "citizen lockups" under Herbert Hoover that this is in reference to.  Maybe?  Too lazy to goggle it at the moment also.


Randy Faulconer wrote: 

           Boy do I feel like a dumb ass today. Who is sheriff Joe?? Is it that whacko out in Arizona, the one that makes everybody want to bypass being in Arizona all together, has all the tents out in the desert?? I wonder if the Dept. of Tourism in Az. realizes that that fucker is keeping some people from taking vacations there?? I guess there are enough golf playing right wingers to take up fer it. Not that I don't enjoy playin golf, I do, I just won't be doing it in Arizona any time soon.
       What is Hooverville Dana?? See what I mean by feeling like a dumb ass?? By the way, how are ya bro?? I think I'll give you a call later on today.
     I think Jim was joking too DC. I could be wrong I guess.

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 4:30 PM, Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote:

On Jan 27, 2009, at 3:26 PM, DC from AZ wrote:

if it was legal then they would have had no reason to hit your ass with dope, no profit motive. besides you wouldnt need anothe rfix unless
you had been using longer, so I dont think the story is complete.
no doubt the war on some drugs has driven a real division in this country,
too bad, the great divide... they handled the drugs thing better when it was in
the sears catalog, and I think using a needle is being a pig personally, since it throws a much bigger jones into the picture ive heard.
the dea ? they are the worst, sheriff joe came from their ranks. cant appreciate that, just dont see it, esp the ones who play both sides.
a lot of them should be looking for work soon, eh obama ?
"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."

Unfortunately, spiritual Nazis like Sheriff Joe need a jobs program too.  

They're going to be the last people who are unemployed. I mean, you'd need a system collapse like E. Germany for them to join the Stasi in the dustbin.

Much as a I'd like to see that, we're not there yet. It's just to easy to lock up druggies. A much more acceptable way of managing unemployment.

During the '30's, Soviets had the GULAG. Nazis had Auschwitz. America had Hoovervilles.


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