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Randy Faulconer bicuitboy714 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 07:57:39 EST 2009

                Hi Jeremy, let me just say that when I think of a coke
dealer, I don't think of a black man I think of a rich white guy with his
own airplane.

            The rest of your rant I pretty much agree with.

        Peace Love and Venting

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 3:55 PM, Jeremy Spence <jlspence at mac.com> wrote:

> I would have all the respect in the world for them, the DEA, police, ect
> But, its not about them protecting you!!!!!  Its about see how many people
> lives that can fucking up!!!!! And then call them "drug lords!!!!"  and even
> the simple addict, they just be little more!!! I mean how its that
> helpful????
> I would respect the hell out of cop if I truly believe they had your best
> intrest in mind, but they don't!! In fact don't fucking care!!! They only
> care about them selves!!! That's it!!   and like I said, fucking as many
> people up a possible!!  and put them in jail for a long ass time!!!  That
> just fucked, and the wrong way to go about it!!
> Now murders, people who fuck the shit out of people, yes, throw them in
> jail and lock the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But
> people just trying to make, people with their back against the wall, why put
> more harm on them?????
> But, its the same things that was done to the blacks!! ITs the same type of
> shit!!
> No wonder we had problem with that issues!! Many people look at those days
> as if they were a long time ago, they weren't!!! And the crazy ass blacks
> out there, well, not to give them any slack, they just product of their
> environment!!!! People like 50 cent!! My black doctor, and many others!!
>  They it made them nuts!!!!  And the hate built and built, until you got
> fucker doing crazy shit!!!
> Not that I thinks its ok, because I don't! But you got to understand where
> is comes from!!  People like 50 cent, 2pac, and others, even though they
> have millions, they can't even the hood!!! its become a part of them!!! you
> could beat it out of them!!! it in their blood!!! I am not saying its right,
> I just saying that where a lot of the problem in the US stem from!
> What do you think when you think of coke dealer???  You think of a black
> man!! That's what you think of!! And that would be correct!!!
> I just wish we could have a sensible drug policy, not a completely out
> dated one!!!!
> I mean, khat legal in the UK and so is peyote, and I believe Iboga too, and
> life goes on with out a beat!!  So why not
> hear????????????????????????????????????????????????????
> I'll tell you why! Because the police would be without a pay check, that's
> why!!!!! and they are going to fight tooth and nail!!!!!!
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