[Ibogaine] January/Spain: Global Forum of Producers of Crops Declared to be Illicit (FMPCDI)

James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 02:18:29 EST 2009

There was a great documentary I saw on this very issue in norther South
America, it was played on a channel called Link TV and it was called Coca
Mama, here is a link for those of you that haven't seen it.

It went into the economic part of the drug trade, how America will spend
billions to throw poisons on the jungle and people to stop coca plant grows
and even more cash on the drug war itself but won't help build
an infrastructure so the people can get other products to market by creating
roads etc.   Which would be a much cheaper venture that would give roots to
a solution for the people that live in these areas.  Right now it's
impossible to carry a sack of fruit down the mountain on your back to sell
and make a sustainable living, but it's not so hard to carry a huge bag of
leaves.. strange how so much of the public never hears about the basic
motivators that create such high cocaine production.

I saw that back in 2005, I wonder if anything has been done about that
situation yet?
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