[Ibogaine] Put video of the ibogaine forum up on Mindvox!

Wiggle Puppy Productions info at wigglepuppy.com
Tue Jan 27 19:41:03 EST 2009

Sorry I have never been to a conference without a registration fee so I was
the one who made the assumption there was a fee. (I apologize.) If there are
no registration fees for the conference then the only costs we¹d have to
videotape the entire event are:

* Transportation to and from Boston from Chicago including tolls, gas, and
car rental = $450 
* HDV tapestock ($12 per hour per camera ­ after looking over the schedule I
would suggest having 30 tapes) = $360
* Food - ($30 per day for 2 people) = $300
* Large Firewire Harddrive for editing - $200

A Rough Estimate of - $1310 which I¹d round up to $1350 to include a $40

To film and edit a project like this, on top of the expenses or hardcosts
listed above we would normally charge $250 per person per day to film
(that¹s our low budget rate or half of our normal $500 dayrate) and another
$300 per day for editing (our editing costs are $50 per hour or $400 for a
10 hr day estimating it at least $3000 - $4000 in free labor that my partner
and I would be contributing. It¹d require just over a week working full-time
or a few weeks to complete it (if we edit part-time). Because we¹d have to
fit the editing in with other projects, we¹d only be able to edit it
part-time so I would expect 2-4 weeks after the conference to complete the
DVD. It also does not include any DVD manufacturing or replication. If
people wanted DVD¹s we¹d burn a copy from the one we made instead of having
2000 copies made off the bat. If someone from the conference wanted to email
me privately I can make a formal quote of the costs and put together a
proposal ­ laying out the details and what we¹d be offering for free. I
think I might be able to get an artist to donate artwork for a DVD cover if
we did move forward. If someone wanted to cover all the costs themselves and
then partner up selling the DVD¹s (not for profit but to cover the expenses)
it might be easier than collecting pre-orders. (we¹d need at least 135 $10
per-orders and that wouldn¹t cover postage (we¹d have to add an additional
$2 per order to ensure postage was included and not our of our own pockets).

This is without housing of course (as long as we can find a place to stay in
Boston). My good friend just moved from there to NY but I might be able to
stay with one of his friends or old roommates otherwise we¹d need another
$75-100 per night for motel/hotel.

To be honest it¹s easier than this sounds ­ we do non-profit gigs like this
as often as we can. We usually donate our time to 2-3 pro-bono projects per
year as long as we can get the costs covered. (We recently made a video for
the Conscious Alliance covering their impact at the 2008 Rothbury Festival.
A very small percentage of the donations they received at the Festival
covered our expenses and in the end the video garnered much more exposure
for them.) 

Video is a great way to reach people. Especially for those who can¹t afford
to make the trip themselves to Boston but would like to benefit from the
knowledge the speakers plan to present. I should even be able to get 1-2
local volunteers to help my partner and I to ensure their is adequate
coverage. (Again we¹d be sure that every speaker gave their permission
before filming and if they were not interested we could either skip their
presentation or offer an alternate audio recording only.)

Feel free to email me at info at wigglepuppy.com and I will give you my contact
info so we can speak further.


On 1/27/09 7:15 AM, "Dana Beal" <dana at phantom.com> wrote:

> There is no  hard and fast fee, so if you can stay with a friend, what can it
> cost?
> Dana/cnw
> On Jan 27, 2009, at 2:26 AM, Wiggle Puppy Productions wrote:
>>  Like I said, I would have to have several people kick in to cover the basic
>> expenses and/or get the conference to waive the registration fees for both of
>> us. As you can guess, being an artist in today¹s day and age doesn¹t leave
>> much room for us to afford much more than our own bills. With that said I
>> hope you all understand that we¹re not in a position to invest financially
>> even if it¹s just a few hundred. I haven¹t looked to see what the fees are
>> yet but if anyone on the forum is part of the conference, I suggest they
>> contact me and let me know if they are interested OR people on the forum can
>> get together as a group and pitch in $5-25 bucks each via paypal ­ I can give
>> you my account once pledges totaled enough to cover the bare minimum of costs
>> ­ tapes, gas, conference fees & motel (if necessary - we might be able to
>> stay with a friend). Otherwise it will not be possible for us if it was going
>> to cost more than we have. But we¹re always happy to donate our equipment and
>> labor, especially for a project that would actually teach us as we film and
>> edit but most importantly help get this very hopeful medicine the proper
>> attention it needs to move the various studies forward in getting their
>> permits and funding. It seems that Ibogaine as a solution for addiction is a
>> topic of great interest right now. To my surprise, I even heard my partner¹s
>> Mother mention it recently in a positive and inquisitive light (she¹s a
>> social worker, very anti-drug most likely because her brother was an
>> alcoholic). Also, sites like vimeo.com allow uploads at any size/length so
>> posting the complete talks (that got filmed) is not out of the question.
>> (Many online sites used to limit you to 10 minutes but that¹s no longer a
>> restraint.) But again it would have to be with official permission from the
>> conference organizers as well as permission from each speaker (they would
>> have the right to opt their individual speech out if they were camera shy
>> although in that case we would try to convince them of the greater good and
>> if that didn¹t work we could counter-offer to just record their audio).
>>  Thanks ­ info at wigglepuppy.com
>>  On 1/27/09 12:03 AM, "Dave Brockman" <davebroc at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>  > That would be kick ass bro. You should put it up on Mindvox so other
>>>  > people can see it. There is always some vid of a lot of the
>>>  > conferences but then it never goes up anywhere. put it on mindvox, add
>>>  > it to youtube so peeps can see.
>>>  > peace
>>>  > -broc
>>>  > 
>>>  > On 1/26/09, Wiggle Puppy Productions <info at wigglepuppy.com> wrote:
>>>>  >> My partner and I would be open to video recording the conference for no
>>>>  >> charge but it might be hard for us to be able to afford to get
>>>> ourselves
>>>>  >> there (financially). But if it were possible to get a free pass or >>>>
>>>>  >> even some of the hardcosts covered (like tapes and gas) we¹d contribute
>>>>  >> labor, editing and any other services to get the conference on DVD for
>>>>  >> to see. If anyone on here is interested and wanted to contribute $10-20
>>>>  >> we had at least a dozen or so people who¹d do the same ­ we can surely
>>>>  >> it. It¹d be a great way for the both of us to learn more since neither
>>>> of us
>>>>  >> have had an Ibogaine experience first hand.
>>>>  >> 
>>>>  >> My production company has been hired in past for other conferences for
>>>>  >> corporations ­ we do all sorts of film/video work ­ from commercial,
>>>>  >> corporate to live events (concerts, weddings, red carpet affairs,
>>>> etc.). We
>>>>  >> own all our own HD/HDV camera gear and high-end audio equipment.
>>>>  >> 
>>>>  >> Thanks,
>>>>  >> Bootsy
>>>>  >> 
>>>>  >> 
>>>>  >> On 1/25/09 3:01 AM, "James Forristal" <psychonaut101 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>  >> 
>>>>>  >>> Might someone have an digital audio recording device that can tape
>>>>> these
>>>>>  >>> lectures, or maybe at least a few of them?  I live on the opposite
>>>>> side of
>>>>>  >>> the
>>>>>  >>> continent and don't think it would be possible to go.  Still, I've
>>>>> always
>>>>>  >>> enjoyed hearing the stuff they post on MAPS and all the good work
>>>>> Lerenzo
>>>>>  >>> from
>>>>>  >>> the Psychedelic Salon has recorded and posted on his site.  PLEASE!!!
>>>>>  >>> someone can and it's ok to do so, it would be awesome of them to do.
>>>>>  >>> 
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