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James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 18:19:06 EST 2009

I believe if we don't start on equal ground with mutual respect for each
other we will get nowhere.  The authority paradigm is a very fragile one,
it's typically one that ends up abusive.  The child parent situation would
be relevant if we were all children accept for cops but we are not.  A child
looks to adults from the start to support and nurture them into
understanding what this life is about, as long as love and respect
are nurtured in the relationship that dynamic will be supported.  Sadly in
this busy and confusing world most parents are stressed out and not there
for the kids, accept when the kid is flipping out then the parent comes down
with a hard fist that the child has become totally resistant to.  The child
sees from a very young age that this reality we have created is about power
and ownership, everyone else owns everything so you are subordinate to them.
 Quickly many children learn that the more they control and possess the more
power they have, and soon you have a child screaming MINE MINE MINE.  They
are just a more pure reflection of our creation IMHO.
When an "authority" comes from a place of ego and insecurity they tend to be
highly abusive and ignorant.  They demand "respect" no matter how worthy
they are of it.  They feel entitled to all control and power, even when it
comes to a person making  very intimate and personal choices in their own
lives.  It is rather inhuman and abusive Matt and being this is the reality
it becomes impossible for their to be a healthy interchange within this

In the Buddhist take on things, a Guru is one that doesn't call themselves a
Guru, others call him/her this.  The lesser decides for themselves who the
greater will be, not the other way around.  We force ourselves on one
another and this seems to create a sense of resentment and distrust from the
get go.  When we start to put mutual respect and unconditional love in the
forefront this dynamic will once again function in a more healthy manor.
 From my experience there is a fine line between teacher and student and in
many cases the teacher becomes the student and the student becomes the
teacher, this is also how I feel about all power dynamics, they are in
constant transcendence and when we try to draw hard lines
and definitions around these concepts we end up with corruption and

People like Rush believe in absolute truths and at the same time speak of
being non judgmental.. sadly this perspective and ideology are at complete
odds with one another.  For me, this is a dysfunction that lies deep in the
fundamentals of our collective psyche in this reality.  Once infinite is
believed to be quantified the authority takes it's positions and
the judgment begins.  Both the authority and the perception from which it
judges is seen as unchanging and absolute, it's anti evolutionary and
ignorant of the impermanence of all things.

All we can truly do is hold our hands out to those that WANT help and offer
our experience as guidance to them, using force in this situation has never
been beneficial, it at best will just force people to act in a way that
hides the symptoms of the deeper illness.
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