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Jeremy Spence jlspence at mac.com
Tue Jan 27 15:55:34 EST 2009

I would have all the respect in the world for them, the DEA, police, ect

But, its not about them protecting you!!!!!  Its about see how many  
people lives that can fucking up!!!!! And then call them "drug  
lords!!!!"  and even the simple addict, they just be little more!!! I  
mean how its that helpful????

I would respect the hell out of cop if I truly believe they had your  
best intrest in mind, but they don't!! In fact don't fucking care!!!  
They only care about them selves!!! That's it!!   and like I said,  
fucking as many people up a possible!!  and put them in jail for a  
long ass time!!!  That just fucked, and the wrong way to go about it!!

Now murders, people who fuck the shit out of people, yes, throw them  
in jail and lock the  
key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But people just  
trying to make, people with their back against the wall, why put more  
harm on them?????

But, its the same things that was done to the blacks!! ITs the same  
type of shit!!

No wonder we had problem with that issues!! Many people look at those  
days as if they were a long time ago, they weren't!!! And the crazy  
ass blacks out there, well, not to give them any slack, they just  
product of their environment!!!! People like 50 cent!! My black  
doctor, and many others!!  They it made them nuts!!!!  And the hate  
built and built, until you got fucker doing crazy shit!!!

Not that I thinks its ok, because I don't! But you got to understand  
where is comes from!!  People like 50 cent, 2pac, and others, even  
though they have millions, they can't even the hood!!! its become a  
part of them!!! you could beat it out of them!!! it in their blood!!!  
I am not saying its right, I just saying that where a lot of the  
problem in the US stem from!

What do you think when you think of coke dealer???  You think of a  
black man!! That's what you think of!! And that would be correct!!!

I just wish we could have a sensible drug policy, not a completely out  
dated one!!!!

I mean, khat legal in the UK and so is peyote, and I believe Iboga  
too, and life goes on with out a beat!!  So why not  

I'll tell you why! Because the police would be without a pay check,  
that's why!!!!! and they are going to fight tooth and nail!!!!!!

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