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Jeremy Spence jlspence at mac.com
Tue Jan 27 10:09:04 EST 2009

Yea, people just tend to think that making drugs illegal makes it  
better!!! For who???????? I'll tell you who, the DEA, and the police!!! 
(more money for them) They don't give a care if you  
die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They could care less!!! You could  
get hit by a bus tomorrow, they wouldn't give a rats  

They believe that they are making drugs less available, and yes, they  
are, you got to give that one to them!!!! BUT!! AND THIS IS WHAT  
PEOPLE DON'T GET!! There not making it safer!!! There are in fact  
making it less safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is what they don't  
get??????????????????????? and probably never will!!!  or they get  
this and they just don't care!! Or it's one of the two, I believe its  
both!!!!!  The problem is, they are making drugs less safe, because  
its made by people who don't know how to purify the drugs nor have the  
money or education, or mainly the time to do so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making the drugs, with some knowledge, is not the hard part! Its  
getting all impurities out of the product!!! That's the hard part, as  
this is where the cost and time is involved, and most of the time they  
don't care enough about the people they are selling to, or even them  
selves to take the trouble of making the drugs they plan on selling  
pure...  Plus, another big reason!!! the main reason!!! "they are  
worried about getting caught", so they want to make the process "as  
quick as humanly possible", so the steps that would take place to  
purify the drugs, doesn't seem to make it on the  

Creating the drugs, is really not the hard time or the problem, its  
the purifying steps that takes the time, and they are too worried  
about getting busted, as time is of the essences. This is the problem  
with getting most of the drugs on the black market!! Its not the drugs  
them selves so to speak!!! Its the way they the drugs were made, and  
most importance!!! the purity of the end substance!!!!  This what  
causes long term health problems with meth users!!!! It's because the  
impurity or so bad, it eats the body up!!!! even the TEETH!!! But, if  
you talk to a person who uses meth, and knows his/her chemistry, I bet  
every thing I own, that they do not have these types of  
problems!!!!!!  I would bet everything thing I own on it!!!!!! Not  
that I think pure meth causes no harm, I don't not believe there is a  
drug in the world that tech, if abused, can tech cause no harm.  But  
the DEA, wants you to believe that the pictures you are seeing are for  
meth alone!! And I do not believe that for a new york min!!!!!  What  
they are not telling you is that, its the fucking impurities!! causing  
most of the all damage you are see!!!!!
Ok, how do I know this???????  Well, because before meth was demonized  
the way it is now, you never saw this!!!!  You would not have known if  
a person used meth if they smoked it or eat it right in front of  
you!!!!!! And why???  Because everything they used to able to make it,  
was easy to get and very "pure!!" You didn't have to use road flares  
and drano!!! You could do the chemical process cheaply and some what  

But now, a person wanted to make meth has to get all his chemical,  
from household shite!!!! so they don't have the DEA at their door by  
order from chemical supply houses.  Now they really force to use crazy  
type shite!!! Shite that, they don't even tell all what's in the  
shit!!!!  Because for household shit, they don't have to tell you  
everything thats in the shite!!!! on the label I don't believe!! In  
fact, its getting to be that way with your bloody food!!!!! But for  
household shit, there could be all types of stuff swimming around in  
there, that you could not find out even if you try to call the company  
up!!! I bet there not even I # to call, and even if you did, you been  
putting your self at even MORE RISK BY ASKING, So who going to do  
that!!! especially if they making meth with the shit!!

All the DEA has traded is one problem for another, that's all they are  
done, and in the end, they have made the world a less safe  
place!!!!!!!!! Try tell them that?

I don't know, I know in the state it never going to change, so I just  
act accordingly.   I mean I use to see the people in power view, but  
after think about, and thinking about, Its completely stupid!!!
I will say, even though, I think LSD is a kick ass drug!! and X and  
others, even cocaine(which i do not believe in near as addictive as  
opiates are!!, or any of those drugs I mentioned, I don't know if I  
believe all drugs should be just readily available to anybody who  
wants to use them, especially young kids and teenagers!!!! However, I  
think the money spent on lock people up should go to trying to give  
hope to people in other ways, then locking them up. I see no sense in  
locking people up for nonviolent crimes. And I also believe plant  
should never be banned as they are a part of nature, and drugs made or  
altered in a lab have nothing to do with nature, or not in the since I  
am talking about.

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