[Ibogaine] Heart trouble on Ibogaine?

george george_mc24 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 08:12:50 EST 2009

Hi everyone, thanks for all your wonderful responses. Each gave me something to think about, or reinforced what I had been thinking myself.
It'll take me a while to reply to all of the ones that need responses. Cos I need to go to the library or afford web caff. Bear with me folks!
First up: Matt wrote about possible heart trouble symptoms when I was on an Ibo detox.
Yes Matt, I was writing about symptoms I had on a slow Ibo detox. Sorry I realise I didnt make it clear.
Yep, I did pass out. Bout 3 seconds gone? hard to say.
I did see GP about it twice. They showed little interest, even less concern. Also refused to do even a rest ECG until -after- I had stopped Ibo (basically they just wanted to cover themyselves when they restarted my methadone script).
At the time I didnt realise the symptoms may be an electrical heart problem. They were explained to me as 'just a bit of postural hypotension, thats all. No treatment available, no. Bye then!'
Looking back, I've had these symptoms since 17ish. And they come on in extreme circumstances. Um......orgasm......(and I thought my partner was just really really good in bed!!!), getting out of hot bath. Methadone only detox (rapid), and Ibo detox (slow).
Cannabis seems to make it worse. Which is terrible news for me. Nothing else keeps my appetite up and pain down enough :/
However, it still obviously needs to be investigated. Am glad I posted my symptoms and you picked up on it!
I shall be avoiding the above mentioned experiences until I've badgered the doc into a full Stress ECG or 24hr ECG (thats what the chemist recommends).
By the way Matt, how did you know it might be long QT syndrome? Are you medically trained? Cos if you are and I mentuon that to doc it might help get me the tests I need to (hopefully) rule it out. (I read up on QT, and I have to admit it does sound like I have it. But boy, do I not want it........I got much on my plate already.........).
Gotta go, time for acupuncture (so lucky to have found affordable acu! I love it!)
Will reply to other messages another day folks.
Take care ''y'all''
 :D London George

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