[Ibogaine] Put video of the ibogaine forum up on Mindvox!

Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Tue Jan 27 08:15:06 EST 2009

There is no  hard and fast fee, so if you can stay with a friend,  
what can it cost?


On Jan 27, 2009, at 2:26 AM, Wiggle Puppy Productions wrote:

> Like I said, I would have to have several people kick in to cover  
> the basic expenses and/or get the conference to waive the  
> registration fees for both of us. As you can guess, being an artist  
> in today’s day and age doesn’t leave much room for us to afford  
> much more than our own bills. With that said I hope you all  
> understand that we’re not in a position to invest financially even  
> if it’s just a few hundred. I haven’t looked to see what the fees  
> are yet but if anyone on the forum is part of the conference, I  
> suggest they contact me and let me know if they are interested OR  
> people on the forum can get together as a group and pitch in $5-25  
> bucks each via paypal – I can give you my account once pledges  
> totaled enough to cover the bare minimum of costs – tapes, gas,  
> conference fees & motel (if necessary - we might be able to stay  
> with a friend). Otherwise it will not be possible for us if it was  
> going to cost more than we have. But we’re always happy to donate  
> our equipment and labor, especially for a project that would  
> actually teach us as we film and edit but most importantly help get  
> this very hopeful medicine the proper attention it needs to move  
> the various studies forward in getting their permits and funding.  
> It seems that Ibogaine as a solution for addiction is a topic of  
> great interest right now. To my surprise, I even heard my partner’s  
> Mother mention it recently in a positive and inquisitive light  
> (she’s a social worker, very anti-drug most likely because her  
> brother was an alcoholic). Also, sites like vimeo.com allow uploads  
> at any size/length so posting the complete talks (that got filmed)  
> is not out of the question. (Many online sites used to limit you to  
> 10 minutes but that’s no longer a restraint.) But again it would  
> have to be with official permission from the conference organizers  
> as well as permission from each speaker (they would have the right  
> to opt their individual speech out if they were camera shy although  
> in that case we would try to convince them of the greater good and  
> if that didn’t work we could counter-offer to just record their  
> audio).
> Thanks – info at wigglepuppy.com
> On 1/27/09 12:03 AM, "Dave Brockman" <davebroc at gmail.com> wrote:
> > That would be kick ass bro. You should put it up on Mindvox so other
> > people can see it. There is always some vid of a lot of the
> > conferences but then it never goes up anywhere. put it on  
> mindvox, add
> > it to youtube so peeps can see.
> > peace
> > -broc
> >
> > On 1/26/09, Wiggle Puppy Productions <info at wigglepuppy.com> wrote:
> >> My partner and I would be open to video recording the conference  
> for no
> >> charge but it might be hard for us to be able to afford to get  
> ourselves
> >> there (financially). But if it were possible to get a free pass  
> or maybe
> >> even some of the hardcosts covered (like tapes and gas) we’d  
> contribute the
> >> labor, editing and any other services to get the conference on  
> DVD for all
> >> to see. If anyone on here is interested and wanted to contribute  
> $10-20 and
> >> we had at least a dozen or so people who’d do the same – we can  
> surely do
> >> it. It’d be a great way for the both of us to learn more since  
> neither of us
> >> have had an Ibogaine experience first hand.
> >>
> >> My production company has been hired in past for other  
> conferences for
> >> corporations – we do all sorts of film/video work – from  
> commercial,
> >> corporate to live events (concerts, weddings, red carpet  
> affairs, etc.). We
> >> own all our own HD/HDV camera gear and high-end audio equipment.
> >>
> >> Thanks,
> >> Bootsy
> >>
> >>
> >> On 1/25/09 3:01 AM, "James Forristal" <psychonaut101 at gmail.com>  
> wrote:
> >>
> >>> Might someone have an digital audio recording device that can  
> tape these
> >>> lectures, or maybe at least a few of them?  I live on the  
> opposite side of
> >>> the
> >>> continent and don't think it would be possible to go.  Still,  
> I've always
> >>> enjoyed hearing the stuff they post on MAPS and all the good  
> work Lerenzo
> >>> from
> >>> the Psychedelic Salon has recorded and posted on his site.   
> PLEASE!!! if
> >>> someone can and it's ok to do so, it would be awesome of them  
> to do.
> >>>
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