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Also of interest Charles News 24

Message: Drug bust in delmas

Two held after drug house raid

Jan 26 2009 09:07:15:053PM

Two people have been arrested after a house used as an illegal drugs factory
was raided in Sundra, near Delmas.

Johannesburg - Two people were arrested after a house used as an illegal
drugs factory was raided in Sundra, near Delmas, Mpumalanga police said on

Superintendent Obed Ngwenya said police were alerted to an illegal drugs
factory at a double-storey house on a plot near the N12 freeway on Monday

"The place was hired and used as a drugs factory. There is no furniture at
all in the house. There are only machines used to manufacture drugs," he

The drugs found were estimated to be worth more than a million rand. 

"We are still at the scene with fire extinguishers trying to put out a fire
that we found on arrival," Ngwenya said. 

Two people were arrested during the raid and charged with illegal drug

They were expected to appear in the Delmas Magistrate's Court soon.





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I thought with harm reduction being worked in to the upcoming forum, this
may be of interest:


By Alex Eliseev

When officers stormed the Doors nightclub and began raiding it for drugs and
underage patrons, Yolandi Brits asked if she could fetch her driving licence
from the car. 

Instead of being granted a chance to prove she was 21, she was thrown into a
police van, dragged out of it by her feet and beaten so severely, she landed
up in hospital. 

Her story is one of more than a dozen of how a "nightmare" raid was
conducted by Ekurhuleni metro police department (EMPD) officers in Edenvale
at the weekend. 

The raid has sparked a criminal investigation - initiated by Brits - and an
internal probe, and a string of civil suits are expected to be launched
against the EMPD. 

me=46864573;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;> Click here!

The Doors' management was due to host a meeting tonight to discuss taking
further action against officers who treated its patrons "like terrorists". 

EMPD spokesperson Inspector Mveli Nhlapo on Monday said 35 people were
tested for drugs, with 17 being arrested. 

Other arrests included that of three alleged drug dealers, five people in
possession of stolen goods, and a drunk driver. 

Some of those drinking liquor illegally were as young as 12, Nhlapo claimed,
and the "large quantity" of drugs seized ranged from dagga to cocaine. 

But Edenvale SA Police Service spokesperson Inspector Jean Olckers said only
16 cases were registered - all for the "use of drugs" (following the urine

Olckers said no drugs were booked in as evidence and no underage drinkers
were detained. 

He confirmed that a case of assault had been opened against the EMPD.

Brits recalled on Monday how she was punched and kicked in the face by three
officers - including two females - after raising objections to her arrest
and the assault of another woman outside the club. 

She was then forced to take a urine test at a nearby licensing centre, but
was released after testing negative. 

Afterwards, at a nearby petrol station, she collapsed and blacked out. 

Her friends rushed her to a hospital, from which she was released with

On Monday, she complained of headaches and pains in her wrist and skull,
where she had suffered a previous injury that was now aggravated. 

She said two of her friends who tried to assist her during the assault were
also manhandled and pushed around.

A patron who filmed the assault on his cellphone had it smashed by the
officers, she claimed.

"I'm disgusted. They strip you of everything," she said.

Doors owner Carlos da Cunha consulted his lawyers on Monday, vowing that
"we're not going to leave this". 

"We've been hassled before," he said. 

"But I've never seen anything like this." 

Doors manager Andrew Bowker said between 30 and 50 officers were in the

"Whoever was inside had no human rights. As soon as you opened your mouth,
they locked you up," he said. 

"They walked in like we were a bunch of terrorists." 

One 20-year-old woman, who spent a night in jail after having her urine
tested at the club, said on Monday the entire group was set free because
"everything (the EMPD did) was illegal".

*	This article was originally published on page 1 of
<http://www.thestar.co.za/> The Star on January 27, 2009 

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