[Ibogaine] Put video of the ibogaine forum up on Mindvox!

Dave Brockman davebroc at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 01:03:12 EST 2009

That would be kick ass bro. You should put it up on Mindvox so other
people can see it. There is always some vid of a lot of the
conferences but then it never goes up anywhere. put it on mindvox, add
it to youtube so peeps can see.

On 1/26/09, Wiggle Puppy Productions <info at wigglepuppy.com> wrote:
> My partner and I would be open to video recording the conference for no
> charge but it might be hard for us to be able to afford to get ourselves
> there (financially). But if it were possible to get a free pass or maybe
> even some of the hardcosts covered (like tapes and gas) we¹d contribute the
> labor, editing and any other services to get the conference on DVD for all
> to see. If anyone on here is interested and wanted to contribute $10-20 and
> we had at least a dozen or so people who¹d do the same ­ we can surely do
> it. It¹d be a great way for the both of us to learn more since neither of us
> have had an Ibogaine experience first hand.
> My production company has been hired in past for other conferences for
> corporations ­ we do all sorts of film/video work ­ from commercial,
> corporate to live events (concerts, weddings, red carpet affairs, etc.). We
> own all our own HD/HDV camera gear and high-end audio equipment.
> Thanks,
> Bootsy
> On 1/25/09 3:01 AM, "James Forristal" <psychonaut101 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Might someone have an digital audio recording device that can tape these
>> lectures, or maybe at least a few of them?  I live on the opposite side of
>> the
>> continent and don't think it would be possible to go.  Still, I've always
>> enjoyed hearing the stuff they post on MAPS and all the good work Lerenzo
>> from
>> the Psychedelic Salon has recorded and posted on his site.  PLEASE!!! if
>> someone can and it's ok to do so, it would be awesome of them to do.
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