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Mon Jan 26 22:29:33 EST 2009

My partner and I would be open to video recording the conference for no
charge but it might be hard for us to be able to afford to get ourselves
there (financially). But if it were possible to get a free pass or maybe
even some of the hardcosts covered (like tapes and gas) we¹d contribute the
labor, editing and any other services to get the conference on DVD for all
to see. If anyone on here is interested and wanted to contribute $10-20 and
we had at least a dozen or so people who¹d do the same ­ we can surely do
it. It¹d be a great way for the both of us to learn more since neither of us
have had an Ibogaine experience first hand.

My production company has been hired in past for other conferences for
corporations ­ we do all sorts of film/video work ­ from commercial,
corporate to live events (concerts, weddings, red carpet affairs, etc.). We
own all our own HD/HDV camera gear and high-end audio equipment.


On 1/25/09 3:01 AM, "James Forristal" <psychonaut101 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Might someone have an digital audio recording device that can tape these
> lectures, or maybe at least a few of them?  I live on the opposite side of the
> continent and don't think it would be possible to go.  Still, I've always
> enjoyed hearing the stuff they post on MAPS and all the good work Lerenzo from
> the Psychedelic Salon has recorded and posted on his site.  PLEASE!!! if
> someone can and it's ok to do so, it would be awesome of them to do.
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