[Ibogaine] cost and safety

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Mon Jan 26 15:51:30 EST 2009

So I have to ask this question again...
I've heard much about atropine to correct arrhythmia during Ibo
treatments, and that it "reels the patient in" somewhat from the
experience. But I've never heard of lidocaine being used, especially since
I'm guessing that lidocaine would probably require an IV to be effective,
vs. IM or sub-Q administration for atropine.
It's also my understanding that lidocaine, if used when that situation is
not occurring, can actually induce the condition.
Can anyone elaborate or correct me here?

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> James<br>
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> Where did you get this information that "Ladocaine actually blocks
> ibogaine from working all together"?&nbsp; I am guessing you mean
> lidocaine
> not ladocaine is that correct?&nbsp; Lidocaine has physiological affects,
> notably as an <a title="Antiarrhythmic agent"
>  href="/wiki/Antiarrhythmic_agent">antiarrhythmic</a> for the heart
> muscle, but not psychological.&nbsp; I doubt it would do anything to "stop
> the the trip" and having been around the ibogaine scene for a lot of
> years now I have never heard it asserted that any drug blocks ibogaine
> from working altogether.&nbsp; My experience with entheogens is that once
> you have ingested them you have only one option which is to ride it
> out.&nbsp; Although I have heard anecdotally that some anti-psychotics
> will
> stop a trip with some entheogens.&nbsp; I have also heard, once again
> anecdotally, that activated charcoal can absorb some substances from
> the bloodstream and bring you down faster.&nbsp; Whether or not these last
> two are true however I do not know for sure.<br>
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> Matt<br>
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> James Forristal wrote:
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>  cite="mid:108a1b7d0901241914r51725cc8pe20c147445e5a81 at mail.gmail.com"
>  type="cite">Thanks, it's nice to know other people relate.
>   <div><br>
>   </div>
>   <div>As for the ladocaine it's not about a person freaking out, that
> can normally be resolved without any medication or maybe a benzo if
> needed when using ibogaine. &nbsp;Ladocaine actually blocks ibogaine from
> working all together, it's more for when you are in a life threatening
> situation and need to stop the trip right then and there.&nbsp;</div>
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