[Ibogaine] newbie intro + mixing Ibo and Kratom question

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I have not done much work with ibogaine at a low dose; I quickly found that the iboga I have was far more effective or beneficial. I would need to know what sort of dose you are referring to because some if not a lot of it can be psychological (In terms of discomfort).

the thing is to keep busy; physically doing some thing or at least giving your mind some thing to focus on. Otherwise I find it can have the tendency to pull you down or make you feel heavy and sluggish so that you just want to lie down. If you can get past this you can get an energy boost out of it but nothing that I have found uncomfortable.

I have found that the discomfort happens after a large dose; similar to what you would get from LSD when the "trip" part is over but you cant sleep and end up staring at the ceiling. Traditionally they have a way of eliminating this residual stimulation. They see it as some thing of no use or having no value. 

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True Simon,  Even that hyper stimulated effect you get at low doses comes with a rather uncomfortable physical feeling for several hours after a booster.. for me at least.   

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