[Ibogaine] cost and safety

James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 17:34:01 EST 2009

Hey Matt,

Well thank you for telling me that, sorry for passing out that screwed up
I was told about this several years ago from a person that is completely
honest and intelligent, probably just confused something in the language
barrier with the physician.  But it was explained to me that it actually
stopped ibogaine from being able to bond.  I found that really interesting
that such a thing was possible and held the bit of information in my head.
 I could never find any more information on the net about it, cause I wanted
to know just how this was possible.

With the anti psychotics I was listening to a seminar a while back that
talked about the use of thorazine and the like in the 60 and 70's and the
reports of peoples accounts that were given anti psychotics while tripping
where pretty disturbing.  Basically it sounds like the person is left unable
to bother anyone else but is left in a fucked up world inside themselves
tripping just as hard as ever.  His advice for difficult trips was to go no
further than a benzo, that bringing the anxiety down is about the most
comfortable thing you can do for a person that can't handle the experience.

Again sorry for sending that information out to the universe without finding
evidence to support it. I so hope no one has run out an gotten their hands
on lidocaine thinking it will be an emergency stop gap for their
ibogaine experience.

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