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I think you're right as far the entheogen and lidocaine part is concerned,
but as for the last bit about the activated charcoal, I don't know.
Charcoal is exactly what it is called: Charred coal, i.e leftovers of
organic material after its been burned, and the chemical/molecular
structures are too big to be absorbed from the GIT.  That means that a
substance needs to move from inside the bloodstream to the outside of the
body, i.e. into gastro intestinal tract, so that the charcoal can bind with
it, and sweep it out with the rest of the waste as faeces, which means that
there has to be a kind of "pulling" force active in the GIT due to the
activated charcoal.  I may be mistaken, but I don't think activated charcoal
has that ability.  So maybe youre right if you say the charcoal will stop
more ibogaine from being absorbed, but I doubt if it will expell ibogaine
from the blood stream.

So, what I'm sayingm is that the ibogaine that has been absorbed, will have
its effect - just ride it out, as you said.  Its there, because you chose it
to be there - deal with it.



On Sun, Jan 25, 2009 at 4:38 PM, Matt Shriver <ibogamail at gmail.com> wrote:

> James
> Where did you get this information that "Ladocaine actually blocks ibogaine
> from working all together"?  I am guessing you mean lidocaine not ladocaine
> is that correct?  Lidocaine has physiological affects, notably as an
> antiarrhythmic <http://wiki/Antiarrhythmic_agent> for the heart muscle,
> but not psychological.  I doubt it would do anything to "stop the the trip"
> and having been around the ibogaine scene for a lot of years now I have
> never heard it asserted that any drug blocks ibogaine from working
> altogether.  My experience with entheogens is that once you have ingested
> them you have only one option which is to ride it out.  Although I have
> heard anecdotally that some anti-psychotics will stop a trip with some
> entheogens.  I have also heard, once again anecdotally, that activated
> charcoal can absorb some substances from the bloodstream and bring you down
> faster.  Whether or not these last two are true however I do not know for
> sure.
> Matt
> James Forristal wrote:
> Thanks, it's nice to know other people relate.
> As for the ladocaine it's not about a person freaking out, that can
> normally be resolved without any medication or maybe a benzo if needed when
> using ibogaine.  Ladocaine actually blocks ibogaine from working all
> together, it's more for when you are in a life threatening situation and
> need to stop the trip right then and there.
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