[Ibogaine] does Ibo work for Methadone detox?

James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 25 07:08:20 EST 2009

That your heart seems to have some issue now makes me worry about guiding
you towards any large dose of ibogaine.  I'd make sure you're heart and body
are healthy enough to go into such a state first and foremost.  Especially
if you are planing on doing this without medical supervision.  If you're
body is weak you really should give yourself time.
In the UK don't they still use dihycdrocodone for people in "treatment" as
an alternative to methadone?  I ask because I never had success trying to
switch over from methadone to kratom, it was never powerful enough to
overcome the methadones withdrawal.  When I figured out the cost of the
amount of kratom that it would take to possibly sustain my physical
addiction I stopped trying to go that route.  Has your experience with this
been different?  If you can switch to a shorter acting opiate. or kratom if
it works for you it may make things easier in the long run.  I'll tell ya
though, those short acting opiates have a eurphoric effect that is easy to
chase, take notice of your intentions and motivations as you go down that

As for the larger flood dose, no in fact with a 2.5 day time period off
methadone the ibogaine @ 16mg/kg knocked my withdrawl down to nothing.  It's
the booster doses afterwards that will chip away at the rest of the
withdrawl and/or craving, not a larger dose to start with.  Once you get
into those higher ranges of ibogaine the risk seems to become more and
more.. I'm not so sure that's the way to go.

It's really easy the day after ibogaine to think the fatigue you are feeling
is withdrawal, it's not it's the residual effect of ibogaine and it will
pass in a matter of hours.  Ibogaine even for people that aren't addicts
does some other interesting things, like it makes you need less sleep, don't
freak out.. that's not withdrawal.   Withdrawal is easy to tell apart from
this, you'll be kicking and want to crawl out of your skin.  Many people
like me where on methadone so long I got used to the early signs of
methadone withdrawal(you know, feeling like old man with hot flashes) and
confused them with ibogaine's fatigue, duh.  If you're laying still in your
bed and feeling worked over the day after, you've made it!

I put this information out there in case someone else hasn't because I've
seen all the reports of people on methadone and even regular opiates that
have had failed results with ibogaine because they didn't go about it right.
 It makes people think from these reports that ibogaine is a snake oil of
some sort.  I think little things like this need to be known for people that
do choose to take certain risks and go on it their own.

I wish you the best on your quest and I pray that you put your health and
safety at the top of your motivations

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