[Ibogaine] does Ibo work for Methadone detox?

george george_mc24 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 25 05:28:55 EST 2009

Dear Matt, 

Tnx for your reply :)
Good 2know Ibo can work for Methadone. I've read conflicting opinions on web sites. So, you're thinking u need a bigger flood dose? Ah.....that might be why it didt work for me.
first, it seems that I was and am too ill to do flood. Second, even on the slow detox with daily doses of ibo, I had to take really small doses. Otherwise the detox symptoms/ m.e. symptoms got so bad I was barely able to draw breath. When the heart pains started I said 'enough!'.

So......perhaps the solution is to either wait until Im well enough to do a big flood of Ibo.
Or to switch fully to something with a shorter half life, like Kratom, stay on it long enough to wait for Meth to clear out of my system, and then do slow detox with Ibo.
Am thinking will be able to get away with lower dose Ibo if am using it to come off Kratom.
Lower dose Ibo shud mean my m.e symptoms dont worsen so much that I have to give up.

London George

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