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Hi Scott,
     Welcome to the ibo list. I joined last June and have learned so much. In my opinion, I believe that this plant is a miracle. Unfortunately I'm from the states and am short on money and am having a hard time getting treated as well. All I can say to you is stick around and ask a lot of questions and if you think it's for you, pursue it like you pursued your drugs and hopefully you will get treated. I wish you all the best that the world has to offer you. 
good luck from one addict to another,

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I subscribed to the ibogaine list about two weeks ago and have been just reading
and learning about ibogaine since then. I am very interested in ibogaine and
hope to get to experience it in the near future. I'm 38 and been on
methadone for the last four years and opiates for about ten years and I'm
ready to be done with this hell !!!!! Thanks for all the good info. I'll be
here reading.


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