[Ibogaine] DMSO mixed HCL?

rockstar at phantom.com rockstar at phantom.com
Sat Jan 24 16:14:55 EST 2009

The question took me back to my Dead show days (wavering dimensional
irrelevancy, and all). There was a craze in the early 80's of mixing LSD
and DMSO in squirt bottles and running through the crowds spraying people.
In addition to many unsolicited acid trips there were countless outbreaks
of staph, due mostly, I would guess, from sweat and dirt and whatever else
resided on unwashed skin.

> Just a thought, fleeting in its transparency, a minor thought in a waving
> field of three dimensional thoughtfields. Different levels of thought,
> levels of relationships, wherein whole fields of thoughtfields exist, and
> yet find irrelevancy and cancel out before any manifestation whatsoever.
> Just a thought that may not have any bearing on anything.
> DMSO mixed HCL?
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