[Ibogaine] ok to ask for trusted UK sources of Ibogaine and Kratom?

george george_mc24 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 24 09:36:59 EST 2009

greetings all, 
Q: is it ok to ask for info on trusted sources (and cheap too!) of Ibogaine and/or Kratom?
I live in the UK where both are legal to buy, sell and possess (thank goodness). The downside is that most opiate addicts here are on Methadone programs. These kick you off as soon as they discover you are on a slow Ibo assissted detox. 
Plus, it appears that Ibo doesn't work for a lot of folks on Methadone. At least, not completely :/
I wonder, is Ibo more popular in the states because most addicts there are on Heroin at the time of trying an Ibo detox? It appears that way to me.
P.S If anyone knows of a source of shop bought Kratom in London, please mail me asap, so I can go and get some. Am running out in next 2 days due to missing Kratom parcel.
If I'm allowed to, I will name the vendor of the missing parcel, cos they are messing me about, not answering enquiry emails in over 4 days. But they happily take my money. Paid with debit card so not insured over loss. Bank won't give me credit card. Bah!

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