[Ibogaine] Tips for natural remedies to assist Ibo side effects, difficult trips and detoxing

george george_mc24 at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 24 09:28:50 EST 2009

Just wanted to share some natural remedies that I've tested and been happy with results.
Help with Ibo induced nausea and stomach pain:
Mix Slippery Elm bark powder with Ibo in ratio of at least 2:1. Place these in a jar with screw top lid, add water to desired consistency....e.g. paste, or smoothie, add lid and agitate vigorously.
(Mixing the ingredients in an open container with a spoon results in lumps that, personally, gross me out and encourage barfing!).
Cost: about £2 per 100g, so quite expensive)
Can also add freshly squeezed ginger root juice for nause and stomach pain.
Help with a bad trip, esp. if fearful:
Fennel essential oil is used for fear and to aid courage. Place two drops on a hanky and inhale deeply.
Myrtle is said to help break nicotine addiction. I found it helped moderately for this. I expect it can help with other addictions too.
Help your body detox:
Juice one fresh fennel, and one fresh lemon. Organic=best imho. Add water if too taste is too strong. Ideally, drink within 10 min of juicing.
Where to buy this stuff? I've only found these ingredient in specialist, independent health food shops. 
In London? Try Bumblebee's, Brecknock Rd, NW5 ish 
Also EARTH Foods, Kentish Town Road. NW5 
And Food For All, Caezenove Rd. Can't remember postcode, but, it's in the Stoke Newington Area, right opposte Abney park cemetery.
Hope this helps :D If anyone is interested, I will also post a short list of acupressure points that help with detoxing, pain, and relaxation. 
You can look up their locations on online maps.
London George

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