[Ibogaine] cost and safety

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And get the tests first in any case. Ibogaine is strenuous for a full  
reset. If you set out to climb a mountain be prepared.

On Jan 24, 2009, at 2:01 AM, simon loxton wrote:

> Its not fair to put some one in a situation where they are  
> responsible for your life. I get this all the time; my wife will act  
> as sitter. But what experience does she have with iboga? Will she  
> make the right call and how would she feel if you died? It need not  
> be your wife but you get the picture; its usually some one close.  
> Some times you can have a reaction which is normal for ibogaine  
> which could be interpreted incorrectly by medical standards and you  
> can make the wrong call.
> At the very least have some one who can perform CPR and study all  
> you can. Over all its much easier and its likely to be more  
> successful going to some one with experience.
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> Hi All,
> If you want to do it in the states the cost is Ibogaine and your  
> sitter.
> I see no reason why your wife or a good friend can not be with you
> and act as a sitter.  Should anything happen they dial 911 and either
> lie or tell the truth, I have no idea what I would do.  I would  
> probable
> say he/she took something to help them kick their addiction but can't
> remember the name thus keeping it simple - discuss this before hand.
> Flush wrappers, packing materials, receipts and such down the toilet
> and hide things that should not be in plain site.
> If you do it in Canada it is the price of the Ibogaine, sitter and  
> motel room
> for 2 or 3 days and food for the sitter.  Going to a clinic can cost  
> thousands
> (like 5 or 10,000 and sometimes more).  It is VERY hard for some  
> people
> to get the money to go to a clinic.  With the economy, unemployment
> being sick, being on disability, etc, most people are having  
> problems paying
> rent, food and things necessary for life.
> Safety is important but for those who are over 40 and really got in  
> to it - how
> many people do you know that died from ODs, how many robbed and  
> killed,
> how many suicides, how many in car accidents, how many lived their  
> lives
> in misery, how many...OK I'm done.  Each person must decide is it is  
> worth
> the risk for them to take Ibo "at home" or in a hotel room with a  
> trusted who
> will at least have the decently to dial 911.
> Most people know of a place that sells Ibogaine in Canada if not I  
> am sure
> someone can mention it.  As a rule of thumb the dose is 20mg/kg of  
> body
> weight.  For example a person weighing 100 - 120 lbs would want 1 gram
> and a person weighing 200 - 220 lbs would want 2 grams.  I would  
> suggest
> having Gatorade, toilet paper (not being funny) and wear sweat pants  
> for the
> bowels can be loose and a deposit made should one sneeze.  Also, an
> overnight bag with toothbrush, extra clothes, deodorant, and maybe a
> candy bar, etc.  Also, have the waste basket next to you at all  
> times and if
> your in a hotel room be sure to put out the "Do Not Disturb" sign on  
> the
> door.
> Hope I helped,
>   - JIM
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> Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] cost and safety
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> Date: Friday, January 23, 2009, 4:25 AM
> I was Initiated overseas in the EU and the Sacrament/medication  
> itself cost me a hand delivered copy of the American Esquire  
> Magazine, from October of last year the one with the digital cover,  
> brought by me from NYC to my father's hometown. <329.gif> True story  
> and you'll get to read more about it shortly, since now that Mister  
> Obama has been seated I can begin again to focus on my career and my  
> promised report on this is long overdue.
> Cost is actually a relative term here and the way it was explained  
> to me is that while the Sacrament/medication itself is very dear and  
> hard to come by, due to its rather long growth cycle, what a  
> Initiate/patient is actually mostly paying for is the services of  
> the Sitter.
> Given the grueling nature of this process, for both the Initiate and  
> Sitter, this is entirely reasonable. To do this right there really  
> is no way the Sitter can devote less than 3 days to a week of their  
> time to this process and that has got to be figured in to the cost  
> equation.
> This cannot be stressed enough that this is something that you do  
> not want to fly solo on. I had contemplated either going to  
> Amsterdam to see if I could hire Sarah to take me on in her clinic  
> or renting a cheap room near my airport and luckily I got lucky with  
> my Sitter who came from the most unlikely place, details of which I  
> will also have in my report.
> As far as the safety issue goes the overall track record has been  
> that Ibo, as powerful as it is, is safer than aspirin, and what has  
> been seen in the small handful of cases where things have gone awry  
> is that problems mostly emerged because Initiates were less than  
> honest when dealing with their providers.
> ...
> On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 5:54 PM, michael langshaw <mlangshaw67 at yahoo.com 
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> Hi Gang,
>      For the people who have been treated in the states; How much  
> did it cost and did you feel that it was a safe experience?
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