[Ibogaine] cost and safety

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        Let me interject something here if I may. I personally saw a guy in
the flood dose, I mean he was tripping balls out, have to get up and go
outside because the apartment complex had a fire. This guy was about 3 hours
in to the whole proceedure. That was someting that we all said at (I can't
think of the word I want) presentations at colledges or what not, when asked
about what if's. I said it and so have others I have been with in that
situation. A person will ask "what if something happens and your patient is
on the Ibogaine and they have to move", arnt' they going to be so messed up
that they can't move?" I always said if asked, "if the building catch's
fire, the person can get up and go." Well I saw it happen. You are never so
high that you can't open your eye's and know what is going on. Now this has
been my experience, with doses that I made up. I can't speak for others, but
I would almost bet my last dollar that everybody is dosing very close to the
same way. Some are even dosing lower because of what they perceive as

         So to end the story, I helped the guy outside and he sat with a
blanket covering him. He said that it wasn't too bad, but every once in a
while the lights from the fire trucks would come around and stare at him.
LOL He said it was kind of cool. He didn't even throw up from moving like
that. I still wonder what he meant by that. The lights would stare at

         Ibogaine Rocks Like An Ox

      It gives you what you need, not always what you want. I swear I think
the plant can think sometimes. Ibogaine is unexplainable to be exact.

             Peace Love and Strobe Lights

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 9:47 PM, michael langshaw <mlangshaw67 at yahoo.com>wrote:

>   Thank you James,
> when I say safety, I'm not worried about dieing from the ibogaine. I'm more
> worried about trusting the people who are doing the procedure. Who knows
> nowadays? Anything can be done to you when your in that state of mind. For
> all I know, I'll be gives a strong sedative or rohipnol and have my organs
> robbed and my body dumped in a dumpster.
> Mike
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>  I'm pretty sure that depends on the person you are dealing with and your
> own need for safety.  I'm not really sure what exactly happens of you end up
> unknowingly not having the ability to metabolize ibogaine, but if you happen
> to have a heart rhythm problem that may lead to blood backing up in your
> heart, it can be very serious.  The sneaky thing about this
> particular problem is that even an athlete can have it, it's not something
> that tends to be an issue when they heart is worked hard, it's when
> something relaxes the hearts pressure that the issue surfaces, so even the
> most seemingly healthy individuals can have this problem.
> The "value" of paper..errr money is so freaking relative and strange IMHO,
> I wouldn't know what you'd what me to compare it to,      Time? Labor?
> Gold?, maybe Starvation? or Death?,then it becomes rather meaningless once
> those lines have been crossed.  I'd like to travel back in time and find
> that first little insecure human monkey that decided to lay ownership to a
> person or thing and make others work to get it, starting an exploitive and
> selfish little psychosis of miserablism. I guess if you don't give the
> monkey a good dose of an ego smasher every few months they forget this is a
> shared reality and their happiness is just as important as the next
> person's, when we use each other and make one another miserable we end up
> only making ourselves miserable when it all adds up.  All that power and
> security just leaves one feeling separate, paranoid and empty.  Give me a
> jack hammer and let me at the foundation, this high rise of thieves has some
> questions to answer!  Really, no no really, which blade of grass is yours?
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