[Ibogaine] anti-depressants and boga

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Fri Jan 23 18:43:50 EST 2009

I've come off of paxil twice. Both times I tapered off the same way they
tapered me on. Then two weeks after I stopped I did an Ayuhuasca ceremony
(both times). I experienced several off the symptoms listed below,
especially the electric shocks, but all of that disappeared after the
Cymbalta was the last (thank god) anti-depressant I was on. That shit
rocketed me all over the place after I tapered off of it. It made me sick
while I was on it (with lots of profuse sweating and problems using my
dick) and made me sick after I stopped. I decided to stop mainly because
the doctor prescribing it was an asshole, but it was my good fortune that
Ibogaine came along a few months later and I've never had to look back.

> I just found this looking up information on a patients medication; we know
> the side effects of iboga and some people still make it a bit of an issue.
> Here are some side effects of a drug commonly prescribed for depression;
> look at what they have to offer in terms of side effects.
> Drug makers claim that antidepressants are not addictive but.......
> 78% of effexor users will experience withdrawal. This can happen with one
> missed dose. paxil 66% zoloft 60%.
> Withdrawal
> can range from flu like symptoms, vomiting, dizziness to what is known
> as the zaps, (feeling as if your getting electric shocks over and
> over.) to auditory and visual hallucinations, suicide, rage and
> homicidal psychosis. (rare, but all to real!)
> Antidepressant Use in Slovenia
> Major
> descriptors of Slovenian suicide statistics are presented for the
> 13-year period ending in 1997. The purpose of the present study was to
> discover whether the introduction of antidepressant therapy influenced
> the Slovenian suicide dynamic. Collected national data on the rate of
> suicide and seasonal dispersion of suicide were compared with the
> prescription rates of antidepressives for the same period. No
> significant correlation between increased antidepressant prescriptions
> and decreased suicide rate were found.
> http://theeffexoractivist.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=346
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