[Ibogaine] cost and safety

rockstar at phantom.com rockstar at phantom.com
Fri Jan 23 17:52:47 EST 2009

What about atropine?

> Yeah, after thinking about that one.. I'd have to agree.   A person should
> take the time to take a few courses in CPR and emergency first aid.  Maybe
> even a class that would help one understand a heart monitor.  I think
> having
> a vial of lidocaine might still be a good idea as long as the person knows
> how to tell when a person it crossing over.
> It would be nice to find out just what is going on nuero chemically with a
> person when their heart starts acting up, I'm thinking their well maybe be
> a
> simple substance used as a tonic to prevent this situation..  at least I
> dream there will be, this would make ibogaine so much more safe.
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