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James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 16:12:56 EST 2009

I know someone earlier was talking about the trouble with undershooting with
opiate addicts and I can tell you, I've personally experienced being
undershot it's not very pleasant.  I was thrashing and kicking my legs up in
the air, causing my body to fling totally off the bed every 30 seconds WHILE
I was in the first phase of the ibogaine treatment, this lead to having a
second dose given that fallowing morning.  Especially with the longer term
opiates it takes a pretty massive punch to shoosh the receptors from crying
for more opiates. The second dose completely and quickly stopped the rest of
the withdrawal.
I find this is probably a big issue with people not being successful with
ibogaine when they do it by themselves.  They don't realize that people with
large habits or that are on opiods with long half lives need not only 16 to
20mg/kg dose but several booster doses to get their withdraw and cravings in
order, if things aren't done properly, because an individual doesn't have
enough ibogaine or a proper measuring device, things can go wrong and they
will be left suffering.

>From what I've read, once you go over the 10mg/kg (though I guess even less
in rare cases) dose range problems can occur.  This dose is needed to help
those that are physically addicted unless they wish to use the low dose
method of taking it for several days to weeks.

When you mix the fact that death can occur with the fact that the US
government has already deemed ibogaine as a scheduled substance with NO
medical value.. it makes it all the harder for it to be freed from those
constraints.  It sucks, being the positive side of ibogaine is so powerful,
life changing even.  Addiction and depression being wiped from so many
people in such a quick time, giving them the strength and ability to create
a new life if they wish.
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