[Ibogaine] How not to quote The Whole Entire Digest contents.

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Fri Jan 23 10:52:40 EST 2009

On Jan 22, 2009, at 12:29 PM, Matt Shriver wrote:

> Jeremy
> From the look of it most people are not subscribed to the digest  
> version which is what you are subscribed to Jeremy.  You can change  
> that on the website.  You get one huge email with all of the posts  
> while most of us are getting lots and lots of little posts (not  
> including the huge posts that we get when someone responds to the  
> digest version :) ).  You can also change in your mail client  
> settings whether it includes history when you respond to an email  
> which is what Warren mentioned in his other post.  If you are using  
> a MAC I can't really help you with that but if you are using Outlook  
> or Thunderbird I could tell you.  Honestly I prefer when people  
> include the history when they respond because it's easier to tell  
> what they are responding to, it's just when that history goes on for  
> pages and pages that it gets to be a problem.
> Matt
> Jeremy Spence wrote:
>> My email add all the crap too every freak en time!!
>> I am sorry, but that's just how my email is!!
>> I have manually delete every freaken time I send something!!
>> Is that what you guys do?


(In your case, you'd want to either: uncheck [.] Quote text of  
original message.  Or, just highlight the sentences/paragraph you are  
responding to, set [.] Include selected text if any, otherwise include  
all; being careful to SELECT SOMETHING *small* that actually relates  
to what you are replying to.)

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MobileMess through browser (.mac, .me, whatever), has same prefs  
within SproutCore/Configs.


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