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James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 05:09:41 EST 2009

The price along with the medical safety measures have gone up since my first
ibogaine experience.  At the association you are paying for a beautiful
clinic/house to stay at, 2 people that watch over you and love the crap out
of you every day you are there, a full medical staff with doctors with you
around the clock.  They make sure there is an IV catheter in your are so if
any emergency arise durring the procedure the correct medication and
treatment can be given to you.  Organic food served to you that is super
good, along with later on in the week you get a serious message/pressure
point therapy that get the neurotransmitters and the like flowing through
your brain and body again, it's freaking amazing!  All in all, you get what
you pay for and they go far beyond that to make you feel at home, safe and
loved.  You don't feel like you are in a cold sterile clinic, but in a home
surrounded by  nurturing hearts that live to see you live.
Oh yeah, and with the Ibogaine Association the ECG is included, they do it
while your down there.  That does me if you do have a heart issue that there
is a chance that they will decided the risk is to great to treat you and
your trip will be for not, but I'm thinking the odds are most people come up
ok for treatment, just not everyone.

Anyway, I believe it's somewhere around 5 to 6 thousand for treatment
there.. but check the website out to make sure I'm correct...

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