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Fri Jan 23 03:50:47 EST 2009

I was under the impression the question was being asked about people that
have gone to either Canada, Mexico or the like to be treated.  The other
stuff didn't even come to mind, guess that's cause I guess when it comes to
flood dosing there is nothing like having a week afterwards to reflect while
in an environment away from the normal BS around people that care about you.
 In my opinion when it comes to the newly awakened it's an essential part of
getting your bearings and growing.  The hotel in and out is nice when it's
all that one can afford but they still need to find some healthy
(spiritually not so dogmatic, emotionally sound) individuals to stay with
for a time after the experience so that they can get away from the things
that reconfirm their old belief that they are an unworthy failure.  It's
easy to fall back in the whole and be overwhelmed by feelings that create
that old identity as you slowly fight sinking in, possibly loosing the
battle.. cause it's so much easier not to fly, you don't have to risk
crashing if you stay at the bottom of the lake!
Errr.. I'm ranting,   ehhh you might wanna get used to it :P

Anyway, if you are going to go about things the freedom root way.. it's
worth setting things up so you create the most open, healthy foundation of
people and places around you to integrate back into life with.  Find groups
of people to be active with before you go through iboga.  Most people have
to build new friendships and find new things to do so that they can grow and
change from the old daily rituals and habits of their past, especially the
junky :)

Yeah FBI, CIA, project paperclip and crap.. I'm having a panic attack.. Om
Mani Padme Hum~~~~~~~~~~~~~  aaaaaahh
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