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This is the first I¹ve posted and wanted to say that if ³the man² really
cared about users so much they can find out easily. I would hope they have
bigger priorities ­ especially with the changing of the guard so to say. How
do they know if you¹re talking about your past or present too? There are
statutes of limitations and I doubt any proof can be held accountable by
saying someone using the same email as you claimed to be ³shooting dope².
How can they really prove it was indeed you who wrote that and not someone
else with access to your account? In any other support group people speak
somewhat candid. (I am not a fan of the NA or 12 step process giving your
will over to GOD ­ a personal opinion from witnessing my parents go through
it.) I am not suggesting anyone speak candid if they are not comfortable
with doing so but in the case of admitting you¹re using which is why many
people are here ­ but not everyone ­ there are many reasons to need a
life-changing mind altering experience or just to be curious about one (for
those of us here who have never had the chance to partake in an
Iboga/Ibogaine journey). I suggest we don¹t shun anyone for admitting use. I
don¹t think it¹s a big deal if someone choose to be candid as long as they
aren¹t specifically risking themselves or the forum¹s future.

If more people were candid and the disease of addiction wasn¹t always
affiliated with being a ³degenerate² or ³devious² then maybe addiction would
be studied more? Maybe if more doctors and lawyers spoke up we¹d have more
solutions by now for those people who want to stop but can¹t afford it,
whether that means they can¹t miss work or that they choose rehab but don¹t
have health insurance or those that don¹t have access to suboxene. Or for
those who are addicted and allowed their use to cause them to lie, steal or
cheat and are ashamed of that. Or for those who just simply couldn¹t afford
their habit and didn¹t want to lower themselves to lying, cheating, or
stealing. Everyone can agree that there is a lot of hope in Iboga/Ibogaine
and I¹d rather everyone have access to this forum for info than be without
sound advice. Especially with everyone mentioning the cardiac risks being
higher than before known. Just on the side of free information period ­
let¹s not shun anyone.

After watching ReGenisis on hulu.com I always wondered why the poppy wasn¹t
genetically engineered to improve ones sex life, remove any addictive
qualities (or at least the symptoms of withdrawal), etc. (LOL)

On the subject of anti-depressants has anyone here heard of using Neurontin
or Gabapentin during withdrawal? My mom talked about it possibly helping
with tossing and turning. I told a friend I know who is a heavy user and he
never heard of it. He¹s like ³it¹s best not to take anything² but consider
me a Witch I helped a friend kick and had ­ passionflower, black cohosh,
every homeopathic flu medicine there was, anti-diarrhea medicine, Valerian &
Kava for sleep, Various Amino Acids, Pot, (basically anything I thought
would help with the symptoms) but there¹s no way to know whether it really
helps. I¹d be curious to know if anyone ever considered throwing everything
you can at it ­ if you don¹t have access to Meth (liquid, pills, wafers) or
Suboxene. The average person can¹t get access to prescription meds to ween.
It¹s such a shame I know a few people that just used the meds for 3-7 days
and were totally clean and still clean to the day. They really make it
harder to kick for users here in the US than necessary. They want to punish
you and in the end it just backfires and the people can¹t kick. The more I
know the better because I tend to be the go to person for any friend who
confides with me because they know I have experience with it. (Growing up
with two parents with issues I know too much about it as an adult now so
it¹s good to have answers for people ­ I usually mention Iboga ever since I
heard of it through MAPS and wish it were more accessible during my parents
problems in the 80¹s & 90¹s but know that most people can¹t access Iboga or
proper meds to ween.)


PS That¹s the first time ever I¹ve used the term LOL!

On 1/22/09 7:39 PM, "michael langshaw" <mlangshaw67 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Sorry, I guess your right. I didn't think it mattered. Anybody who's reading
> knows that we've done ill eagle stuff. Technically it would just be hearsay.
> Nobody has to say where, when, or with who. I freely admit that I shoot dope
> and coke and there isn't anything anyone can do about it. I apologize to
> anyone and everyone if I've offended them. I just ask not to be shunned from
> the list for asking a stupid question.
> May solutions be found,
> Mike

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