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James Forristal psychonaut101 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 13:49:04 EST 2009

I just watched a friend I work with come off effexor and she was straight up
suicidal at times.  She said it was worse than any "depression" she'd
experienced before being on the drug, my heart went out to her.   I've also
seen people come of the more typical SSRI's, and though their may not be
what a person would notice as physical withdrawal there are still strange
mood swings that rotate on a daily basis, as if every time they sleep and
wake, they come out in a new emotional state, and the mental changes are
Several years ago I went through a depression that I demanded was
completely cognitive and could tell a psych doctor just how I fell into the
hopeless state I was in.  Still these doctors were quick to give me little
tests that didn't fit my condition but they felt I was lying about some of
my answers and started trying all these different SSRI's and strange drugs
like desipramine, luckily nothing seemed to work and I never took any of
them longer than 6 weeks or so.  I still found it a shame that every time
I'd go back into their offices they'd ask me a few questions and get their
rx pad out and start writing more drugs for me to take.  Oh, and god forbid
I shed a tear, then the pad would come out even faster.. they didn't want to
hear what I was going through they just wanted to medicate it away, heh.

I guess this is why they are so resistant to using psychedelic therapy in
most of the psychiatric community, they don't really wanna know what the
drama is inside your head, they just want to quickly make you a drug
dependent "happy" worker drone for the human/ant colony once again.  Void
you of any emotion towards your experience and perspective and call it a

In a collective reality where we succeed by standing on the backs of each
other, exploiting one another for profit and consume like crack addicts as
we try to be as emotionally neutral and selfishly analytical to
the continuum of life around us it's amazing that there are so many people
still so "well adjusted" to this paradigm.

I saw in europe they are starting to use buprenorphine for depression, heh
opiate addicts have been medicating with opiates for years and we all know
the horrible backlash of that little game!  I hope this trend doesn't last
for long, suboxone has a nasty withdrawal that the makers of the drug don't
want to tell you about.
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