[Ibogaine] zoloft, paxil, anti-depressants and boga

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anyone have experience with withdrawls for Zoloft or Paxil ?
Don zo
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>I really do know how those anti-depressant withdrawals can, and they are 
>not pleasant, especially in in the higher dose range.  Back in November of 
>2008 of tried to ween myself off of 450mg of Wellburtrin(Bupropine) and 
>150mg of Effexor(Venlafaxine) all to know avail in avoiding the the 
>withdrawals.  I would rather not go through that again. I was very sick and 
>uncomfortable feeling for about 2 weeks. I do see a benefit in 
>antidepressants for some.  I  noticed that I was much less irritable and 
>less likely to get angry and annoyed at situations and people...more of a 
>mellowed out state.  Other than that it did not help in a number of other 
>issues that I was dealing with, mainly: alcohol cravings, compulsive 
>behavior and thinking.  I don't think I'll ever say yes to a 
>Serotonin/Dopamine inhibitor again after this last experience.  Just not 
>sure if the cost and side effects of stopping are worth the small benefit I 
>got from them.
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