[Ibogaine] Email options (saving sent messages, including quoted msgs in replies)

DC from AZ dcollier9 at cox.net
Thu Jan 22 12:33:44 EST 2009

Jeremy is talking about email preferences in the options that save a copy of 
every email he sends, and then he has to go and delete them,
he doesnt realize yet that he also has message quoting option turned on 
which includes the entire original message in his replies
to them, which he needs to either turn off that option, or edit his emails 
before sending them when he sees the garbage below his message
a mile long, sometimes this is not visible so he may not see until his 
message posts to the list and then he can read his own message
and see it includes the whole mile long list digest etc.


Find out where your email options are. If you are using Outlook or Outlook 
Express, it Tools Menu, Options under the next sub-menu
and you are there. Browse around and turn the shit options off, and you will 
have things right. The option to "save sent messages"
can be turned off. The option to "include quoted messages in replies" should 
be turned off and so on

all the best,

return to work
Don zo
"Love converts hearts, and gives peace."

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> If you are using Mac Mail on a mac, open "Preferences" under the Mail 
> drag down menu and go to Rules. Make a new rule to Move Mail to Trash  or 
> Delete for mail from addresses you don't want. This is how I  presort 
> spam.
> You still have to Manually Delete Messages under Mailbox every day or  so. 
> For answering messages you should either cut the message body of  long 
> threads manually or under the Mail drag down menu, click  Composing and 
> uncheck "Quote the text of the original message".
> Warren
> On Jan 22, 2009, at 6:02 AM, Jeremy Spence wrote:
>> My email add all the crap too every freak en time!!
>> I am sorry, but that's just how my email is!!
>> I have manually delete every freaken time I send something!!
>> Is that what you guys do?
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