[Ibogaine] Ibogaine Digest, Vol 13, Issue 102

Matt Shriver ibogamail at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 12:29:18 EST 2009


 From the look of it most people are not subscribed to the digest 
version which is what you are subscribed to Jeremy.  You can change that 
on the website.  You get one huge email with all of the posts while most 
of us are getting lots and lots of little posts (not including the huge 
posts that we get when someone responds to the digest version :) ).  You 
can also change in your mail client settings whether it includes history 
when you respond to an email which is what Warren mentioned in his other 
post.  If you are using a MAC I can't really help you with that but if 
you are using Outlook or Thunderbird I could tell you.  Honestly I 
prefer when people include the history when they respond because it's 
easier to tell what they are responding to, it's just when that history 
goes on for pages and pages that it gets to be a problem.


Jeremy Spence wrote:
> My email add all the crap too every freak en time!!
> I am sorry, but that's just how my email is!!
> I have manually delete every freaken time I send something!!
> Is that what you guys do?
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