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I just found this looking up information on a patients medication; we know the side effects of iboga and some people still make it a bit of an issue. Here are some side effects of a drug commonly prescribed for depression; look at what they have to offer in terms of side effects.

Drug makers claim that antidepressants are not addictive but.......
78% of effexor users will experience withdrawal. This can happen with one missed dose. paxil 66% zoloft 60%. 
can range from flu like symptoms, vomiting, dizziness to what is known
as the zaps, (feeling as if your getting electric shocks over and
over.) to auditory and visual hallucinations, suicide, rage and
homicidal psychosis. (rare, but all to real!) 
Antidepressant Use in Slovenia 
descriptors of Slovenian suicide statistics are presented for the
13-year period ending in 1997. The purpose of the present study was to
discover whether the introduction of antidepressant therapy influenced
the Slovenian suicide dynamic. Collected national data on the rate of
suicide and seasonal dispersion of suicide were compared with the
prescription rates of antidepressives for the same period. No
significant correlation between increased antidepressant prescriptions
and decreased suicide rate were found. 

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