[Ibogaine] Jeremy!!!!Re: Ibogaine Digest, Vol 13, Issue 99

Preston Peet prestonpeet at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 20:00:33 EST 2009

Hi Jeremy.
I take it you've not yet connected your actions to the extremely polite and REPEATED PLEAS for YOU, Jeremy Spence, to PLEASE Not send the ENTIRE digest back each and every time you respond to the list.
It takes up a LOT of bandwidth, and while you may not notice it, others do, and have, and have repeatedly and for this list VERY POLITELY asked you again and again and again and again to PLEASE NOT DO THIS ANY MORE.
So, now I make a stab of it.
Please stop doing this.
Thank you.
(If you look below your message below, you'll notice I've CUT the rest of the ENTIRE digest from my reply, so you'll YET AGAIN have an example of what people have repeatedly and politely asked of you for a couple weeks now, if not a month or two. Since you began posting anyways. Again, my humble thanks.)

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I would say its a slight risk, that all i would say about it. But then again there are risk to everything in life.


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