[Ibogaine] started a iboga social network on ning today

Ria ryubyss at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 21 17:02:48 EST 2009


as I think I may have said here, I find the Mindvox off-topic chatter a pain, so I gave up on the list with the vague idea of creating a messageboard or the like. 

today I went ahead and started such a messageboard. please come by and join and tell others, add to the photo gallery and/or add videos if you feel like it. I have just begun it. though I already feel pretty satisfied, I think will tweak and change the layout.

if you do join though (and not to sound too unfriendly) please don't start off-topic threads or videos. I want to keep this focussed on iboga. do whatever the hell you like in your blogs, though.

-- Ria


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