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Yes, I was still pretty heavy at the time I did the supposed Iboga root bark
so I took a reasonable average of the suspected Iboga alkaloid content and
figured that 33 grams should have been a visionary dose.  Then I made the
extract and drank it in in doses about 20 mins between each few ounces of
liquid.  I'd done Ibogaine HCL once before at that time but due to financial
reasons I needed the next experience to be less expensive if I was going to
use it.  Because of that I took the chance and attempted to be as careful as
possible in the way I went about ingesting it.  I've had a bit of experience
making crude extracts from plants over the years so I felt the risk was
reasonable as far as health concerns go.  NOW, thinking that a psychonaut at
the sells counter of shamanic-extracts would boast so loudly about the
quality of their iboga when they actually very well of may not even had a
clue what it was at all was beyond me.  I'm kind of not sure how to feel
about that, I just hope they have their act together now.  V. africana is no
joke, it's very hard on the system, especially at those doses.
I was in a particular situation where it looked as though they were the
people that would work with me on my quest to improve my head space from the
years of abuse and depression I'd gone though.  I felt like a fish out of
water in this land of exploitation and self-centered acquisition of profit,
ending up spending most of my 20's medicating away a the pain of
self destruction in a reality (internal and external) I didn't know how to
feel ethically whole with.  Ibogaine helped open the doors of my heart again
and gave me the freedom to embrace life once again, the motivation
to attempt to create a space in this life that I trusted, the intentionality
to become a person that wasn't self hating.  I needed more experience with
it, it's a continuing process for me.

In my last Ibogaine experience I was told the HCL that was used was the TPA
of Iboga root bark at 13mg/kg fallowed by a 7mg/kg post ibogaine dose the
fallowing morning, it was a hellishly intimate journey into myself. So I
guess I've had experience with pure Ibogaine and the TPA from the iboga root
bark and I can't say there was much of a difference, the quality of the
visions was unique during the second experience, full of distortion and pain
but that is something I attribute to my state of being at the time more than
to the iboga itself.

The holotropic mirror of a reality WE create.
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