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I dont see it as that life threatening; also if you underdose with a patient being treated for opiates they are going to be quite uncomfortable.

I think the main thing to look at is if some one has existing conditions which may effect the treatment or increase risk. 

The problem with the "they could die on drugs anyway" argument is that you're in serious trouble if some one dies during treatment; in Gabon its jail time. Here there would be mitigating circumstances but I would not want to be stuck with the responsibility. 

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Yea, I dont know, I guess death could tech happen at any time during the course of treatment??? It is a risk, I'm sorry to say.......
But then again, death can happen if you are on junk too!!! So I mean, WTF.  You can die from walking down the street too!!

But I am sure iboga is hard on the heart, if one is not use to speed type things. I don't know how i am still alive after all the dumb shit I did??????  That a good damm question?? it kind like how does a person, one my old friend, take less then half then me and die, and then me take a extremely crazy amount and live with no after effects?? I mean, you can't really call it???

I think that flood dose shit, can be a bit over too much for some people...  If it were me, and would want to be given my doses in small bits until I felt ok, I can go father. That's just me. That how i would take it.
Yea, and lot of back of xanax too, just in case I freak the fuck out.  Which i am sure can happen. Yea, I thought the shit was like other stuff too, but its not!! it has to be very, very respected.

3.5 gram of extract may be a bit much for a small person, and a women I would think might need a lower dose. It better to under shoot and be safe then to over shoot and be dead.

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