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Thanks for the information Matt as I have heard of a number of people interested in ordering from them; when they have asked questions about the iboga the replies seemed suspect in terms of alkaloid and ibogaine %

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Hi James

I can't help but wonder what your source was for the bark that was used
to make the wine infusion.  The reason I wonder is because I have been
sold what must have been V. Africana passed off as T. Iboga through the
internet before.  One place that did so was shamanic-extracts and so I
strongly encourage people not to bother ordering from them.  I say it
must have been V. Africana because in large enough doses it is
definitely ibogaine-like in effect.  However the ataxia seemed much
worse to me and the hang-over fatigue effect was huge which is what it
sounds like you are describing.  Large T. Iboga root bark doses for me
seem to have a similar low-energy hang-over effect to the hcl; which is
to say, it is there, but not overwhelmingly so.  But I also must
confess that I have never done anywhere near 30 grams of root bark, all
of my largest ibogaine doses were using the hcl.  My largest V.
Africana dose was probably on the order of 10-15 grams though and your
description below sounds very similar to my experience with that.


James Forristal wrote: 
As to iboga rootbark being more safe than the

There may be some balancing effect on blood pressure amongst all
the different alkaloids in the bark but that is an unfounded guess that
might be looked into.

I know from my own experience about 6 months after my first
ibogaine hcl experience, (when I tried the root bark in a
wine infusion) that it's very ruff on the body.

At the time I was just at 75kg and I used 33 grams of the bark.
 I drank it in staged doses over 2 hours and never reached
a visionary dose. (not to say with different quality bark that I very
well could of reached it)  I got the ear buzzing and the lights in the
room vibrating but never went into the dream.  I had a small amount
left but by the time I realized that I would still need to do more... I
refused to drink it, the sight of the liquid made my insides quiver. I
think you almost need a helper over you with a iboga filled plantain
that will force it down your throat to get there that way.  

Even though this dose was not reached, I still experienced 4
DAYS of red eyed, fatigued zombie'd out hangover from the experience.
 My body felt like there was a 200 lb weight on my back and the
insomnia lasted forever!  The positive bounce back that comes over me
about 30 hours after an ibogaine hcl experience was not part of the
plan doing things this way.

Anyway, the physical effects of iboga root bark where very
intense and ruff..  The ataxia was intense, though not enough to make my
puke, it still made it hard to get up and let the green water that was
readily coming out my back side end up in the toilet where it belonged.
 Oh my!

Over all I learned this... Ibogaine hcl works through the system
much faster and "cleaner" than the root bark does.  

Also I can't say enough about the importance of going to a
clinic where they do these things in a safe and positive way.  Ibogaine
can put you at a baseline where changes can be made, but there is
something to be said about being in an environment away from "home"
with people that care for and nurture you back to health after the
experience that is also VERY important to the experience.  It gives you
time to reset and think differently about your life.  It motivates you
and empowers you, after care is a MUST!

For me, I'm like a blank screen after I do Ibogaine and if left
to my own devices I will start doing thing the same way I did before.
 Having someone there to point me towards new doorways and remind me
that I have the power to walk through those doors is invaluable.
 Thanks Clare!


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