[Ibogaine] List Status\Please allow me to UNSUBSCRIBE. Thanx!

Kathrine Moore bonbaby at rocketmail.com
Thu Jan 15 15:27:09 EST 2009

Dear Ibogaine List moderator:

 I do enjoy reading this list. But, I wish to get off.  Please do not take offense okay?  First, I find that I do not have time to read ALL, or maybe even some of the items , as there are so many, each and every day.  I only wish it was possible for normal people to obtain; and/or be treated for possible, or, probable Abstinence Syndrome (in this country).  I have become sad to learn the truth, and just how controlled this substance is.  Wow, how do the ones who really want and need it even get it?  The Ibogaine that is.  Without paying an arm and a leg, etc.  Oh well, what to do, what to do??........but anyway, it is pointless to collect so many emails that I do not need, not to say that some are not very interesting and maybe even enlightening. The thing is......I all ready have plenty to read on other interesting subjects.  But Thank you; and may God Bless you in your life always.
Thank You,
K. Moore

P.S.  Please don't forget to take me off this list!! (:

From: Patrick K. Kroupa <digital at phantom.com>
To: The Ibogaine List <ibogaine at mindvox.com>
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 4:02:13 PM
Subject: [Ibogaine] List Status

Unsubscribe + all other functions of the lists are working.  The reason roughly 20 people have suddenly re-arrived after signing off, is due to the fact that we re-added a few hundred accounts that signed in between July - Dec.  Up until Right Now, we've had multiple backups of the list + content itself, but never bothered to keep a list of people who signed in/then signed back out.

In other words: whomever signed in between late Jul 2008 and Dec 2008, then signed themselves out a few days/weeks later, has suddenly reappeared.  The rest of this particular message archive (2007-2009) will reappear online Any Minute Now.


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