[Ibogaine] Similarities with Psilosybin and Ibogaine

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I am not sure about the reasoning; in most cases the church lets things like pagan holidays and some practices slide so they can keep a hold. Also because a lot of people are pressured into Catholicism they would keep their traditional beliefs quiet. Bwiti was outlawed and this is why they had to perform their rituals far away near waterfalls to drown out the sound of the drums etc. 

Where are you getting your information from or are you just supposing? I am just interetsted; have you been initiated into Bwiti or visited Gabon?

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it was probably allowed because the local native 
Catholic bishops
confirmed the iboga bwiti practices do not 
constitute idol-worship or black magic, but are really unique cool 
thats why there are christian bwiti 

what is interesting is the Catholic church in  Gabon is cool with Bwiti usage of iboga for inititations etc.
- as part of the ongoing church policy of  allowing native cultural preservation. this could be extended to peyote,  imo.
"Love  converts hearts, and gives  peace."

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There is a lot of mythology in mushrooms and the Catholic church was  quick to include pagan holidays by just giving them a different  name.

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