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sorry, you're right Martin, I should have look around for a link or some sort of substantiation.
I imagine the UNODC(P) is interested in Obama's policy ideas as the world's prohibition stance is driven mostly by the US' stance, right?
Still, I'll look around...oh heck, I can't find a thing related to this, so I've asked for more info from the original poster in SA.

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On Jan 14, 2009, at 2:59 PM, Preston Peet wrote:

> from another list:
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> Hi all
> I just came from the UNODC office in Pretoria, and they are all celebrating because Obama spelled out his drug policy today, and federal funds will be used for needle exchange programs in future.

Is that the same pres-elect Obama, and if so, what does he have to do with SA drug policy? And I guess that if he's spelled out his drug policy, I should know what it is - not that I have much hope for change. A link would be nice.


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