[Ibogaine] Similarities with Psilosybin and Ibogaine

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Amanita is very different because of its toxin. There were ways they used to deal with this. The reindeer love Amanita which was a way of herding them together and the urine would be consumed which would filter out some of the toxins. With Psilocybin there is a chance of 
"Freaking out" but you can take all you like and not worry about poisoning your self. Very different substances.

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Very interesting Simon.  I like the "guidance system" analogy.  In regards to Psilosybin and Mushrooms, that is what I understand, that there seems to be a need for guidance under it's influence, or there may some unpleasant results.  I realize that there is also another type of Mushroom, called the fly-argric(Amanita Muscaria), which seems to have a different type of chemical(Muscimol), from what I read it seems to effect the GABA receptors, which would seem to be different than Psilosybin.  If I'm not mistaken, doesn't ibogaine effect GABA as well?

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