[Ibogaine] List Status

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Tue Jan 13 19:02:13 EST 2009

Unsubscribe + all other functions of the lists are working.  The  
reason roughly 20 people have suddenly re-arrived after signing off,  
is due to the fact that we re-added a few hundred accounts that signed  
in between July - Dec.  Up until Right Now, we've had multiple backups  
of the list + content itself, but never bothered to keep a list of  
people who signed in/then signed back out.

In other words: whomever signed in between late Jul 2008 and Dec 2008,  
then signed themselves out a few days/weeks later, has suddenly  
reappeared.  The rest of this particular message archive (2007-2009)  
will reappear online Any Minute Now.


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