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> this is the 2012 situation as far as I've studied it. Before some serious 
> details of what is going on in the scientific world which the scientists 
> unanimously enjoyed  top secret from the public WORLDWIDE (never mind how 
> open they say they are about the subject in Europe, they don't make public 
> much at all anywhere in the world compared to what they really know) 
> Before you read through this: the purpose here is to show that it may be 
> seriously necessary for all of the heroin addicts to get their ibogaine 
> trip and be done with this addiction ASAP, this isn't funny,  I'm thinking 
> people don't have time for pain in the middle of too many disasters. 
> Afghanistan where it may get so bad that they need their last dose, maybe 
> the higher powers want them to have this available. It's not available 
> enough in the US, so I wouldn't expect it to be around easily in hard 
> times. There is a reason the gov has widely made it EASY for doctors to 
> prescribe suboxone/subutex now.  I can anticipate based on the economics 
> we face.  In the future it is expected to get harder and harder somehow, 
> and there won't be any guarantee that opiates will be available enough so 
> I think it's important to get serious about ibogaine or suboxone and 
> subutex or get it ready, and don't say NOBODY TRIED TO WARN YOU IF YOU 
> WON'T. If you want to verify I will quote some sources below. They all 
> feel like it just may be a true end for many. It's hard to stay positive 
> in all the trouble the go ON and ON about... but....I'm getting a few 
> things I like and I hope you are too. I just don't think it's safe to stay 
> on heroin anymore. But maybe great you know how to administer this for any 
> disaster ahead. Since no one get's addicted unless the take a few days of 
> it the skill may come in handy for pain killers with too few doctors.....
> The world will change or the calendar will merely end on exactly 
> 12/21/20012 AT 11:11 am.  A ton of horrific disaster is expected prior to, 
> after, or basically around this time. The government is set up to cause a 
> lot of this disaster, many are suspicious it's a fake set up to thin the 
> population. Other's figure the aliens see the disaster and trouble on 
> earth and are here to change it all at a good time, working with 
> astrology.  This is some magic sounding date that all the scientists and 
> all the religions are unanimously anticipating. But maybe the power 
> trippers are just together on this. Some are calling it a Y2K nothing set 
> up. I doubt this is the case since...I'm seeing other evidence that points 
> to this being very real.  They are all unanimous because the calendar from 
> the Mayans in Chichen Itza, Mexico really does end on that date at 
> precisely that time AND the space aliens at the Rosewell crash in Corona, 
> Mexico in 1947 told them so before they all died. (Speaking of Corona they 
> are expecting a grid shutdwn of the entire electricity on earth soon (in 
> 2009) due to a Sun Corona (fireworks explosion, last one in 1859 and 
> planes would fall out of the sky with no computers working, not to mention 
> other disasters).  I see Corona all the time on Beer Signs and People 
> buying Corona Beer and EACH AND EVERYONE I do speak to if I met them 
> synchronistically and they NEVER shut me out, as if I was meant to tell 
> them, I even got for free 2 special glasses to look at the sun from some 
> welders trying to help. There are a ton of underground bases on earth 
> prepared for the event and less than half the population of the Norwegian 
> government has a ticket underground for their country FOR THIS EVENT. 
> Watching the movie 2012 you can see something of what the scientists 
> expect. Those remaining above ground are called "the ground crew", 
> expected to be spirit led correctly to safety or perish in some 
> earthquake, 350MPH winds or other natural disaster or disease. There are 
> other movies one shows a duplicate earth and everyone being replaced on 
> this new planet where they have duplicated most everyone and everything 
> they have. It's totally glory days in that silly movie and you will find 
> psychic David Wilcock saying with a smile, how easy it will be for the 
> prepared as we are all going to be shifted into another dimension ( I 
> think he means an easy and quick death and new home since people don't 
> really die) and giving lot's of end of the world advice to large seminars. 
> But according to some serious scientists they will also sort us all out 
> for higher and lower levels of souls. Dan Burisch a scientist who you can 
> find VERY interesting on YouTube.com explains how we have go to live on 
> the Moon and Mars and some of us off to Orion and Zeta Recticuli after 
> being sorted out. The underground bases have sorting spots just like going 
> to court and getting metal detected. The good ones of us get to go the the 
> Moon and Mars and they are  not great places but we won't be converted to 
> bug eyed people. This man Dan Burisch has actually worked with stargates 
> and looking glasses that see the future.  Dan Burisch is currently last 
> seen on youtube showing people how he's discovering portals in crystals 
> and accidentally blew all the glass in the microscope and all the glass in 
> the security cameras...they had put electricity in a salt water bath a 
> crystal was sitting in. Inside the crystal they were discovering energy 
> that coincided with a portal opening up. The point is, it was found that 
> crystals power spaceships and not giving the secrets to but a select 
> trusted few the remaining  scientists that have a clue are working on it 
> themselves. The stargates of which there are approximately 50 on earth 
> (and that's what they were fighting about in the war instigated in Iraq 
> which it's natural for all governments to be wanting to control such 
> things...) are teleportation of space aliens to earth. That doesn't mean 
> they were used everyday, but it is highly suspected they teleport some 
> aliens that are human looking and NOT HUMAN.  Teleportation is 
> accomplished with flying saucers (portable stargates) OR with stationary 
> stargates. Teleportation was first worked with during the days of Einstein 
> and Tesla who worked on electricity and worked on "The Philadelphia 
> Experiment" which you can find the movie broken up into segments on 
> YouTube or it's entirety on The Discovery Channel. There are more movies 
> TRYING TO WARN THE PEOPLE such as the recent release of "THE DAY THE EARTH 
> STOOD STILL" but it is all forced to be presented as science fiction. Some 
> of it is because black ops have been killing people for years if they 
> talk, other reasons is that they really don't know, they have to guess, 
> they are sure the aliens have the technology to do a lot of things...one 
> thing I really expect is that on the magic day when the planets line up 
> correctly the spaceships will come en masse but only after they have seen 
> enough humans on earth possible gone so they feel safe to arrive. Death is 
> no big deal to the aliens since they don't lose their memories. I'm guess 
> it's not a picnic to change bodies but.... The evolved aliens know how to 
> work with astrology and it's anticipated they may travel on certains times 
> where it works out for expensive portal travel. All this may not happen 
> working with tech 15K years in advance of this time, AND HAS UNDERGROUND 
> CITIES GALORE and tubes that travel underground at high speeds all over 
> the earth.. They are under orders to thin the population down by 2/3 
> period, any way they can but....they are having a difficult time pulling 
> it off. That kind of killing is manipulative in my knowledge and the only 
> reason is the oxygen on the planet is considered no longer sustaining life 
> due to human beings and their pollution, stress in general and huge 
> numbers of too many people for the planet.  Positive beings are saying 
> this is our challenge to overcome their abilities to think they are ruling 
> us with all that technology when they really can't unless we allow it. I'm 
> sure there's a lot of truth to that. If you are not invited underground 
> already you are probably ground crew most people are. Living a little 
> while longer is our only choice according to Bill Deagle...this disaster 
> is inevitable. You can see real estate crashing because many people have 
> figured it out that things are really over in some way and everyone is 
> paying on their houses many are just buying gold. I can't do this I don't 
> have money for gold, but it looks like it's important and I have some 
> friends that may help on this.  The government spent the last 60 years or 
> more hiding the space alien tech for their armies and scientists knowing 
> all along it was close to the end due to population problems and too many 
> evil people on earth. It seems that the growth of populations should have 
> been stopped 60 years ago but I haven't found an answer on that 
> situation...I wish I could. Some say the space aliens are fighting each 
> other and that's the reason. These people have videos or audios listed 
> below...and I'm leaving out Alex Collier and David Icke because they are 
> seeming a bit off the deep for now. It does seem true the chem trails are 
> for the spread of Morgellans disease which is reportedly an ET fiber 
> really to plant into people to control their consciousness and help the 
> transition time of 12/21/2012. Some got too many fibers and they have 
> Morgellans disease (a syndrome you can look up where strange fibers are 
> oozing out of people's skins)
> Dan Sherman will explain how his mother was abducted, and his genetics 
> designed specifically to make communication between him and the space 
> aliens work out for the 2012 event.
> Kevin Randall: AF but also UFO enthusiast will keep it calm if you need to 
> know less, he writes books, talks at conventions and is a doctor for many 
> abductees, he sais if you can't prove it just consider it didn't happen 
> and isn't true, but he's AF and they only technically want information 
> released to the public slowly.
> projectcamelot.net
> Miriam Delicado - alien contactee who refused to work with the government 
> due to their evil, you can find her on googlevideo.com  She works with the 
> Hopi Indians and on ground crew issues.
> projectserpo.org  - here you will find an event as unbelievable as the one 
> where President Eisenhower had alien meetings in 1954 at the AF Base in 
> California where they landed for a treaty.
> Bill Deagle - you can find him on projectcamelot and youtube look for his 
> longest video's first. He explains how he used to work in secret 
> government bases and everything the gov is preparing for is in place, and 
> chips are ready to be implanted in the public as soon as they decide to 
> declare martial law and get things under massive tight control. Bill sais 
> he's escaped the devil's clutches.
> Dan Burisch - on youtube.com    He worked with all that alien beings and 
> alien high tech stuff as a government scientist and you get an explanation 
> verbally.
> enterprisemission.com  Richard Hoagland is the scientist that wrote Dark 
> Mission exposing NASA's lies, he explains on his site a lot, especially 
> interesting is that planet Venus has recently increased in brightness 
> about 2,500% some big change for some reason?
> David Wilcock - thinks he's Edgar Cayce and is giving a lot of help if you 
> need to see a psychic view. He's full of humor sometimes in the middle of 
> a serious issue.
> David Sereda - sees Jesus and other multidimensional beings all the time 
> assisting with all of this.
> GRIDKEEPER on youtube has a lot of videos explaining things working with 
> churches and vortex energy and pyramids
> INDIGO CHILDREN - many are on the earth that have contact with ET's on a 
> regular basis.
> Billy Meiers and the Plieadians - This is all agreed by the scientists and 
> absolutely anyone to be a true story.
> GEORGE GREEN - very wealthy man that now spends all his money giving back 
> as much information as possible to people. The Plieadians also contact him 
> and tell him what to do, you can find links for him on youtube or 
> projectcamelot.net
> John Lear - Ex pilot whose father invented the Lear Jet
> BOB DEAN - EX NASA top 38 clearance level retiree with a lot to say and 
> his wife Marcia who wrote confessions of an intergalactic anthropoligist
> coasttocoastam.com  - subscription 6.95 a month
> you can browse though my favorite videos on youtube.com/ouivalerie and get 
> some data.
> I am packing to get off the west coast, it's expected to be underwater by 
> 2000, well that's 8 years past...I don't know what to think about that, a 
> lot of this stuff just doesn't happen on schedule so it's possible the 
> aliens are making fools out of contactees for some reason, to pull the 
> plug on their credibility after a point.  Maybe they can't figure it out 
> perfectly themselves on the dates of quakes, etc. I do think the horrors 
> are coming due to people's own evil. If they are wishing harm on someone 
> that doesn't deserve it, terrible stuff may come their own way and aliens 
> can create it to play along.
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