[Ibogaine] Ibogaine and 12/21/2012 11:11am Don't read this if you don't want to deal with space alien issues.

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Mon Jan 12 03:23:47 EST 2009

this is the 2012 situation as far as I've studied it. Before some 
serious details of what is going on in the scientific world which the 
scientists unanimously enjoyed  top secret from the public WORLDWIDE 
(never mind how open they say they are about the subject in Europe, they 
don't make public much at all anywhere in the world compared to what 
they really know) Before you read through this: the purpose here is to 
show that it may be seriously necessary for all of the heroin addicts to 
get their ibogaine trip and be done with this addiction ASAP, this isn't 
funny,  I'm thinking people don't have time for pain in the middle of 
too many disasters. Afghanistan where it may get so bad that they need 
their last dose, maybe the higher powers want them to have this 
available. It's not available enough in the US, so I wouldn't expect it 
to be around easily in hard times. There is a reason the gov has widely 
made it EASY for doctors to prescribe suboxone/subutex now.  I can 
anticipate based on the economics we face.  In the future it is expected 
to get harder and harder somehow, and there won't be any guarantee that 
opiates will be available enough so I think it's important to get 
serious about ibogaine or suboxone and subutex or get it ready, and 
don't say NOBODY TRIED TO WARN YOU IF YOU WON'T. If you want to verify I 
will quote some sources below. They all feel like it just may be a true 
end for many. It's hard to stay positive in all the trouble the go ON 
and ON about... but....I'm getting a few things I like and I hope you 
are too. I just don't think it's safe to stay on heroin anymore. But 
maybe great you know how to administer this for any disaster ahead. 
Since no one get's addicted unless the take a few days of it the skill 
may come in handy for pain killers with too few doctors.....
The world will change or the calendar will merely end on exactly 
12/21/20012 AT 11:11 am.  A ton of horrific disaster is expected prior 
to, after, or basically around this time. The government is set up to 
cause a lot of this disaster, many are suspicious it's a fake set up to 
thin the population. Other's figure the aliens see the disaster and 
trouble on earth and are here to change it all at a good time, working 
with astrology.  This is some magic sounding date that all the 
scientists and all the religions are unanimously anticipating. But maybe 
the power trippers are just together on this. Some are calling it a Y2K 
nothing set up. I doubt this is the case since...I'm seeing other 
evidence that points to this being very real.  They are all unanimous 
because the calendar from the Mayans in Chichen Itza, Mexico really does 
end on that date at precisely that time AND the space aliens at the 
Rosewell crash in Corona, Mexico in 1947 told them so before they all 
died. (Speaking of Corona they are expecting a grid shutdwn of the 
entire electricity on earth soon (in 2009) due to a Sun Corona 
(fireworks explosion, last one in 1859 and planes would fall out of the 
sky with no computers working, not to mention other disasters).  I see 
Corona all the time on Beer Signs and People buying Corona Beer and EACH 
AND EVERYONE I do speak to if I met them synchronistically and they 
NEVER shut me out, as if I was meant to tell them, I even got for free 2 
special glasses to look at the sun from some welders trying to help. 
There are a ton of underground bases on earth prepared for the event and 
less than half the population of the Norwegian government has a ticket 
underground for their country FOR THIS EVENT.  Watching the movie 2012 
you can see something of what the scientists expect. Those remaining 
above ground are called "the ground crew", expected to be spirit led 
correctly to safety or perish in some earthquake, 350MPH winds or other 
natural disaster or disease. There are other movies one shows a 
duplicate earth and everyone being replaced on this new planet where 
they have duplicated most everyone and everything they have. It's 
totally glory days in that silly movie and you will find psychic David 
Wilcock saying with a smile, how easy it will be for the prepared as we 
are all going to be shifted into another dimension ( I think he means an 
easy and quick death and new home since people don't really die) and 
giving lot's of end of the world advice to large seminars. But according 
to some serious scientists they will also sort us all out for higher and 
lower levels of souls. Dan Burisch a scientist who you can find VERY 
interesting on YouTube.com explains how we have go to live on the Moon 
and Mars and some of us off to Orion and Zeta Recticuli after being 
sorted out. The underground bases have sorting spots just like going to 
court and getting metal detected. The good ones of us get to go the the 
Moon and Mars and they are  not great places but we won't be converted 
to bug eyed people. This man Dan Burisch has actually worked with 
stargates and looking glasses that see the future.  Dan Burisch is 
currently last seen on youtube showing people how he's discovering 
portals in crystals and accidentally blew all the glass in the 
microscope and all the glass in the security cameras...they had put 
electricity in a salt water bath a crystal was sitting in. Inside the 
crystal they were discovering energy that coincided with a portal 
opening up. The point is, it was found that crystals power spaceships 
and not giving the secrets to but a select trusted few the remaining  
scientists that have a clue are working on it themselves. The stargates 
of which there are approximately 50 on earth (and that's what they were 
fighting about in the war instigated in Iraq which it's natural for all 
governments to be wanting to control such things...) are teleportation 
of space aliens to earth. That doesn't mean they were used everyday, but 
it is highly suspected they teleport some aliens that are human looking 
and NOT HUMAN.  Teleportation is accomplished with flying saucers 
(portable stargates) OR with stationary stargates. Teleportation was 
first worked with during the days of Einstein and Tesla who worked on 
electricity and worked on "The Philadelphia Experiment" which you can 
find the movie broken up into segments on YouTube or it's entirety on 
The Discovery Channel. There are more movies TRYING TO WARN THE PEOPLE 
such as the recent release of "THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL" but it is 
all forced to be presented as science fiction. Some of it is because 
black ops have been killing people for years if they talk, other reasons 
is that they really don't know, they have to guess, they are sure the 
aliens have the technology to do a lot of things...one thing I really 
expect is that on the magic day when the planets line up correctly the 
spaceships will come en masse but only after they have seen enough 
humans on earth possible gone so they feel safe to arrive. Death is no 
big deal to the aliens since they don't lose their memories. I'm guess 
it's not a picnic to change bodies but.... The evolved aliens know how 
to work with astrology and it's anticipated they may travel on certains 
times where it works out for expensive portal travel. All this may not 
REPORTEDLY working with tech 15K years in advance of this time, AND HAS 
UNDERGROUND CITIES GALORE and tubes that travel underground at high 
speeds all over the earth.. They are under orders to thin the population 
down by 2/3 period, any way they can but....they are having a difficult 
time pulling it off. That kind of killing is manipulative in my 
knowledge and the only reason is the oxygen on the planet is considered 
no longer sustaining life due to human beings and their pollution, 
stress in general and huge numbers of too many people for the planet.  
Positive beings are saying this is our challenge to overcome their 
abilities to think they are ruling us with all that technology when they 
really can't unless we allow it. I'm sure there's a lot of truth to 
that. If you are not invited underground already you are probably ground 
crew most people are. Living a little while longer is our only choice 
according to Bill Deagle...this disaster is inevitable. You can see real 
estate crashing because many people have figured it out that things are 
really over in some way and everyone is paying on their houses many are 
just buying gold. I can't do this I don't have money for gold, but it 
looks like it's important and I have some friends that may help on 
this.  The government spent the last 60 years or more hiding the space 
alien tech for their armies and scientists knowing all along it was 
close to the end due to population problems and too many evil people on 
earth. It seems that the growth of populations should have been stopped 
60 years ago but I haven't found an answer on that situation...I wish I 
could. Some say the space aliens are fighting each other and that's the 
reason. These people have videos or audios listed below...and I'm 
leaving out Alex Collier and David Icke because they are seeming a bit 
off the deep for now. It does seem true the chem trails are for the 
spread of Morgellans disease which is reportedly an ET fiber really to 
plant into people to control their consciousness and help the transition 
time of 12/21/2012. Some got too many fibers and they have Morgellans 
disease (a syndrome you can look up where strange fibers are oozing out 
of people's skins)

Dan Sherman will explain how his mother was abducted, and his genetics 
designed specifically to make communication between him and the space 
aliens work out for the 2012 event.
Kevin Randall: AF but also UFO enthusiast will keep it calm if you need 
to know less, he writes books, talks at conventions and is a doctor for 
many abductees, he sais if you can't prove it just consider it didn't 
happen and isn't true, but he's AF and they only technically want 
information released to the public slowly.


Miriam Delicado - alien contactee who refused to work with the 
government due to their evil, you can find her on googlevideo.com  She 
works with the Hopi Indians and on ground crew issues.

projectserpo.org  - here you will find an event as unbelievable as the 
one where President Eisenhower had alien meetings in 1954 at the AF Base 
in California where they landed for a treaty.
Bill Deagle - you can find him on projectcamelot and youtube look for 
his longest video's first. He explains how he used to work in secret 
government bases and everything the gov is preparing for is in place, 
and chips are ready to be implanted in the public as soon as they decide 
to declare martial law and get things under massive tight control. Bill 
sais he's escaped the devil's clutches.
Dan Burisch - on youtube.com    He worked with all that alien beings and 
alien high tech stuff as a government scientist and you get an 
explanation verbally.
enterprisemission.com  Richard Hoagland is the scientist that wrote Dark 
Mission exposing NASA's lies, he explains on his site a lot, especially 
interesting is that planet Venus has recently increased in brightness 
about 2,500% some big change for some reason?
David Wilcock - thinks he's Edgar Cayce and is giving a lot of help if 
you need to see a psychic view. He's full of humor sometimes in the 
middle of a serious issue.
David Sereda - sees Jesus and other multidimensional beings all the time 
assisting with all of this.
GRIDKEEPER on youtube has a lot of videos explaining things working with 
churches and vortex energy and pyramids
INDIGO CHILDREN - many are on the earth that have contact with ET's on a 
regular basis.
Billy Meiers and the Plieadians - This is all agreed by the scientists 
and absolutely anyone to be a true story.
GEORGE GREEN - very wealthy man that now spends all his money giving 
back as much information as possible to people. The Plieadians also 
contact him and tell him what to do, you can find links for him on 
youtube or projectcamelot.net
John Lear - Ex pilot whose father invented the Lear Jet
BOB DEAN - EX NASA top 38 clearance level retiree with a lot to say and 
his wife Marcia who wrote confessions of an intergalactic anthropoligist
coasttocoastam.com  - subscription 6.95 a month
you can browse though my favorite videos on youtube.com/ouivalerie and 
get some data.
I am packing to get off the west coast, it's expected to be underwater 
by 2000, well that's 8 years past...I don't know what to think about 
that, a lot of this stuff just doesn't happen on schedule so it's 
possible the aliens are making fools out of contactees for some reason, 
to pull the plug on their credibility after a point.  Maybe they can't 
figure it out perfectly themselves on the dates of quakes, etc. I do 
think the horrors are coming due to people's own evil. If they are 
wishing harm on someone that doesn't deserve it, terrible stuff may come 
their own way and aliens can create it to play along.

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