[Ibogaine] How does Iboga drop blood pressure??

Jeremy Spence jlspence at mac.com
Sun Jan 11 05:06:01 EST 2009

I was reading about people who have died from Iboga treatment. I have  
known about this for some time now and is nothing new to me. But what  
in Iboga causes blood pressure to drop?
I always seems when I have taken some, it make my blood pressure goes  
up and my heart rate, or is this just at first??

It being a stimulant I always thought that would make your blood  
pressure go up.
I wonder if something in Iboga causes the blood to clot more, become  
thicker.  It seems that a lot of the people who died, died from some  
type of heart problem, or circulatory problem of some kind.

Now, I am not scared of iboga by any means, but I do believe it needs  
to be greatly respected!!
I also feel many people die every day from all type of shite!! you  
never know when your going to punch your ticket in this life!

Anyway I just wondered if anybody knew why?


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